Congratulations are in Order!!

I've known for about 3 weeks now that one of my very best friends, my MOH, my cousin Erin would be getting engaged!  And it was killing me!!! Finally, Ryan, Erin's boyfriend now fiance, popped the question last night!!!

I missed her call last night, but knew exactly why she was calling when I saw it this morning!  I was sad for all of an hour all morning that I missed her call and was dying to get the details!!  It was so fun to hear about it all when she did call!

I am beyond thrilled for them and am so, so excited!!!  It will be fun to help plan their big day now on the other side of my wedding :)  I've already created a new Pinterest board to gather ideas!  Erin & Ryan are some of our very most favorite people & we love hanging out with them!  Welcome to the fam Ryan!!

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