Packages & Weekend Review

Oh y'all...look what I got in the mail today!!!!

I was so excited when I saw the package I could've have peed my pants!! Don't worry...I didn't, but I was one very happy girl!!

I have some sharpie pens at school that I had planned to use to write in my planner (primarily, I'm also big fan of writing in pencil - I don't like to have things scratched out all over the place!  I know, I'm not anal at all ;) but I think they will bleed through to the backside of the page & I can't have that. So I'll be getting some new pens pronto.  It's on the target list for tomorrow, but I'm so excited I may just have to run across the street to CVS and check for some there!!

Ok enough about my glorious planner that is just waiting to be written in.....I also got this is the mail today!  It's a good day for packages I guess.

I'm gonna put this sucker to good use tonight when I go on a run :)  And not to brag, but I got this off of Amazon for less than 5 bucks!!  $4.80 to be exact.  Good deal, yeah!?

This weekend FLEW by!  They always do, but this one felt extra speedy!!

Fright night, Brandon, Ryan, & I all ate lasagna and watched the movie "Paul" while waiting on Erin to get in town.

Side note about "Paul" - definitely funny/stupid movie, but if you're bored one night, it would be a funny RedBoxer!  Anyways...E didn't get here til about midnight, but it was worth the wait to pop some champagne and toast to their engagement!  Oh and SEE THE RING!!!

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of that, nor of most of our day Saturday (fail!) until my husband had the camera in his possession and began to take pictures.  He's way better at that than me!

Saturday morning we ate a big breakfast at my Memaw's with lots of the fam & then came back for Hasta La Vista Summer Pool Party Fun!  It was rather cloudy, but we didn't care!  It was fun to all be together & hang out by the pool!!  Again, no pictures.  FAIL!

Saturday night, Erin & Ryan and Ashley & Richard went to a friends' engagement cocktail party, and we suited up for the PANTHER'S GAME!!!  At this point it was not just cloudy anymore...it was now raining!!  For about a millisecond I considered calling it & just watching it inside or at a bar, but my better judgement took over and we toughed it out :)

Andrea & Justin braving the rain!

Me cheesin' - dorky!

Finally dry for a minute :)

We wanted to be festive & get a paw print!  Loved it!!

Almost game time (in the rain)!

Now Justin's cheesin'!

Our sweet seats!!

Loving that it's football season!!

And the rain did finally stopped!  I was able to take my poncho off in the last pic if you can tell.  It may be only pre-season, but we WON and I'll take a W any way I can get one!!

Sunday everyone left & our apartment returned to normal!  Haha, but not before Erin & I could grab some sushi with a friend of her's that just moved to town and before having a couple good laughs of our own.  She officially asked me to be her Matron of Honor with a cute, sweet card too!  I'll see if I can get the pics on here cause they are too cute, well most of them, ha!

I've went in to school yesterday & today and I've gotten some good work done.  The real deal (well minus kids still) starts Thursday so trying to get my rear in gear over here!  Happy first week of school y'all!

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