Holy Recap Batman

I went from a blogging fool to a non-blogger overnight.  Whoops!  Too much of a good thing maybe?!  After being locked in B's backseat most of the week last week, guess I wasn't much interested in my computer anymore.  So now to recap from where I left off....

Let me first just say, I have NO clue how my husband does what he does!! He spends close to 6-7 hours (give or take a few!) in his car EVERYDAY!  By about 230 on Wednesday I was ready to scream, pull my hair out, and throw a three year old tantrum I was so tired of being in a car.  I would go insane if I were him.  But I am beyond grateful for a hard working husband who is extremely disciplined and wants to provide well for our family!

We try to remind ourselves often that this is just a season and we are hopeful one day he won't be traveling as much!  But absence makes the heart grow fonder, right!?

After Nashvegas, we were Michigan bound and finally, Thursday night we arrived to this piece of West Michigan heaven...

Brandon's Mom's house sits on about 8 acres complete with a barn, pasture, horse arena, coy pond, and beautiful scenery!

B's sister Ashley tends to the barn and horses and gives riding lessons. Brandon & Ashley both grew up barrel racing, but Ashley still barrel races almost every weekend in the summer & is quite good at it!

Ashley & her husband, Casey, are actually in the process of buying the house from B's mom.  They have lots of cool plans for renovations for the house over the years and are excited to make it their own!

I cannot tell a lie...all of these pictures are from my MIL & SIL's facebook :) But they're too pretty not to share!!  I love, love, love visiting up there and cannot wait to share their home with our kids one day!

Michigan in the summer time is like pure joy, I can't even describe it. Although they've had their share of hot & humid up there this summer, for the most part it tends to stay a little cooler and less humid than down south.  In fact, the house doesn't even have AC!  It gets a little warm inside, but there's usually a nice breeze and it just feels peaceful.

Friday morning I hung out outside for a bit with these sweet babies...

Charlie & Cody!  They are some really sweet pups and love to greet you when you pull in the drive!

Cody is pretty much the best dog, well, ever!  If he wasn't an ALASKAN Malamute and didn't have enough fur to warm a small eskimo village, I'd steal him away to NC.

He's a gentle giant and one in a million for sure!  Most Alaskan Malamutes are not near as friendly or gentle as he is!  He's my buddy :)

After Brandon worked a bit Friday, we moved some of his childhood things to store at his grandparents since we just don't have room to bring it all home yet!  It was fun to look at pictures, horse ribbons, trophies, and cute childhood odds and ends!  I stole a "Brandon" puzzle to put in a little boy room one day as well as one of his high school sweat shirts to cuddle up in in the winter :)

Friday night Ashley & Casey, along with 2 other friends, came over to the farm & we all cooked out some delish chicken, corn, pineapple & cheesy potatoes.  Yum!  After we had a good ol' fashioned bon fire, complete with s'mores and a burning couch!  I even wore my cowgirl boots =)  It was so fun I didn't even take pictures!!  Oops.

Saturday didn't quite go our way unfortunately.  We were supposed to head out to the Coast Guard festival in Grand Haven, MI on Lake Michigan, but they rain had other plans.  Boat docked, filled with gas, and rain pouring down, we called it at noon.  We went to visit B's mom at work and said our farewells as we didn't feel the need to prolong the dreaded 12 hour drive home...bleh.

So 2 tanks of gas, a McFlurry, and 11 hours and 45 minutes later, we pulled back into home around 145 am Sunday morning.  We were sad to leave and sad to cut the trip short :(  Unfortunately, because it's so far away, weekend trips on the regular are near impossible and our time up there always seems too short and too few and far between!  But hopefully we can go for longer toward the holidays and of course are looking forward to whenever we get to go back!!

This week I am trying to soak up every last ounce of summer.  Soon I will be bidding farewell to summer because teacher workdays officially begin next Thursday and I'll be going into school probably every day next week anyway, to move around and set up my office (yes I get an office, but no classroom, ha!).

So I think that recaps to where I am today.  Hopefully my non-bloggingness is over :)  Until next time...

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