Putting Pinterest to Use

So we do things a little backwards over here....with Brandon traveling as much as he does, I've never really had to meal plan for the up coming week, cause well, it's just me!  =)  But I read blogs all the time about how families/wives meal plan, get their grocery lists together, have cute meal planning boards in their kitchen...

and (insert whiney voice) I wanna meal plan!!

Haha, so this Monday night I decided to "meal plan" for Thursday and the weekend.  Most Thursdays I try to cook but the weekends turn into about 2 or 3 separate trips to the grocery store and Brandon and I leisurely walking down the aisles as we try to decide what mood we're in for dinner, ha.  Oh the carefree life of a childless couple :)  I know this surely will not last...thus why I am trying to prefect the meal planning thing!

Anyways...this weekend we're going to have a movie/dinner date night either Friday or Saturday so one meal right there will be eaten out.  Sunday nights we tend to eat leftovers or sometimes make breakfast for dinner, whatev.

So this week I planned out 2 meals for the weekend.  While I was brainstorming meals to cook (I like to try new things to impress my husband :) I thought to myself, "Self, where have you PINNED many tasty looking meals lately!?"  PINTEREST!!! This is the link to my Pinterest "All that is delicious" board so I perused through to find some good stuff!

Tomorrow is my first day back to school and I was thinking I should go with something simple to ease my way back into the school year :)  And to me, crock pot meals = simple!  So tomorrow night we're having...

Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken
served over...

Cilantro Lime Rice
The website giving the recipe for the Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken suggested serving it over rice & I also had this yummy looking Weight Watcher's cilantro lime rice pinned to my board and both recipes have very few ingredients!  So botta-bing-botta-boom - Thursday's simple dinner!

We grill out most weather permitting weekends so Friday or Saturday (whichever night isn't eat out date night) we'll be having...

Lime-infused Honey Crusted Chicken

Zucchini Oven Fries

Roasted Potatoes
I realize the last picture is actually a mixture of many roasted veggies, but B's a meat and potato kinda guy and since we're already having zucchini as another side, I figured I'd just roast a sweet, a russet, and a few red potatoes (all cut up and seasoned of course!).  

I made my grocery list yesterday, stopped by Target & Harris Teeter today and have all the ingredients so I'm ready to go!  Look at me meal planning & putting Pinterest into use!!  Ha 

So far the planning has been successful I'd say...we'll have to see how the putting it into practice goes =)


Christie said...

Loved this post! I want to know how everything turns out... I think the zucchini fries look amazing!

Erin said...

Um, the honey chicken and zucchini fries look DELICIOUS!! I think I might have to steal that recipe!! Let me know how the hawaiian chicken is, too!

Ashley said...

I pinned that hawaiian chicken too! Yum! And the other recipes look sooooo good. I'm always looking for something new, so I'm putting these on my agenda! I think meal planning is so fun!