Dreams Do Come True!

So just in my very last post, I was dreaming and drooling over Dyson Vacuums and Louis Vuitton bags on my Champagne Christmas List.  And while I didn't get the vacuum or Louis Vuitton bag, I did snag one beauty off the list over the weekend!!

Saturday morning B and I drove 18 exits up 85 to the lovely town of Concord, also the new home to my bro and SIL :)  The boys had a golf date while Gale and I had a shopping date!

We picked up some paint samples from Lowe's then headed over to Concord Mills for a bit of outlet shopping.  Low and behold, after browsing through Banana Republic for a bit, a fabulous little black blazer was hanging right on the rack just waiting for me.  Oh and it was 50% off!

This isn't the exact blazer....it was a Banana outlet so I couldn't find the exact match online

Gale also had an email for an additional 30% off which she forwarded to me.  So, I saved over 70 bucks and got it for a whopping $38!!!  That is a deal to celebrate I feel =)  I guess dreams really do come true!

Saturday night, I slipped on my new blazer with some skinny jeans and pumps for a little date night with my man!  We weren't really sure where we were headed for dinner so we just strolled around downtown until we found somewhere without a ridiculous wait.

We ate at Aria Tuscan Grill and it was delish!!!  Sadly I didn't take any pics :(

After dinner we stopped by Crave, a dessert bar dangerously close to our apartment building! Literally, it's right outside our complex door and their desserts are amazing!

We indulged in s'mores!  This is how you do s'mores in the city I guess  :)

Sunday we slept in, worked out, ran a few errands, and watched the Panther's get slaughtered. It's unspeakable really.

We hit up a few furniture stores Sunday afternoon to look for the nightstand that matches our bedroom suit.  When B and I got married, his bedroom suit became our bedroom suit and it only consisted of one nightstand.  Wife wants the matching nightstand :)

We found it at one store, but found it cheaper online so I ordered it tonight!  I'm looking forward to having a drawer to hold my emergency carmex and a place to rest a coaster and my bedside water.  Priorities!  Oh and having a more complete bedroom suit :)

Today was a Monday.  BLEHH....but at least is over!!

4 more work days til our Asheville Anniversary get away!!!

And only 6 more school days until Thanksgiving Break!!!!

Can I get an amen!?

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Rachel said...

I need to try Crave!

Also...we just got back from Asheville and had a blast!! I can't wait to go again!