Girls Night Out & Survival Mode

Last night I hit the town with two of my girlfriends, Andrea and Emily, for dinner and a movie!

They met me at my apartment and we walked to The Dandelion Market on our way to the movie theater.  Ahhh...the perks of downtown living :) I've been to Dandelion for drinks before, but had never eaten there.  I've heard good things about their food so I was excited to try it out!  

They are a tapas/small plate themed restaurant so we chose 4 plates to share.  It was delish!!  We chose stuffed zucchini, mac & cheese, artichoke dip, and a fresh mozzarella & pesto flatbread.  Emily is a vegetarian so we wanted to pick things we could all share.  Most of our picks ended up being cheesy and carby (yes its a word), but that's ok!  Calories don't count on girls night!

Oh my goodness...so funny!!!  Grab some girlfriends and go see it!  Guys would like it too because its definitely hilarious, but girls just relate better to the whole idea!  Loved it!  And I have since downloaded this song.  Go see and you'll download it too :)

Girls night along with small amounts of chocolate and my ever so awesome countdown list are keeping me in survival mode!  The end of the school year is just plain stressful.  I know this too shall pass....but the kids are crazy and ready for summer, the teachers are two clowns away from feeling like we're running a circus, and for being a short week its feeling awfully LONG!

3 days until an engagement party for our friends Courtney & Cory!  I'm making nutella pie...yum!
4 days until I get my iPhone!!  Woohoo
5 parent meetings...
7 days of school with the kiddos...
9 workdays in all...
10 days until my friend Kelly's bachelorette party at the Lake
Geez I'm tired just reading this
lastly, just 13 days until I can catch up on some zzzzzzz's

Tonight I was domestic & made some Banana Bread Muffins & tomorrow I'm planning to be a sweet wife and cook my sick hubby a yummy dinner, so I foresee a recipe post in the near future.  (I think B caught what I had last week.  Whoops, poor guy!)  Still didn't get to the vacuuming though.  It'll be there tomorrow :)

Happy June!

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