Finally arrived...

Me that is.  I have finally arrived in the 21st century!  Sunday I got my iPhone!!! Wooo

Haha, glad to finally make it! Clearly you can see I'm a little dorky excited! =)  I'm still learning how to use it and I barely have any apps so far.  So tell me your favs & I can download them ASAP!!  I need to sync it to my laptop too, but not so sure how all of that works, still figuring it out.  Kinda sad to leave the crackberry world and all my bbm friends.  But, I'm over it!

I realize I might be a little late on this train as well.....but the last time I was at Target, I picked up

and soon I'll have time to actually read it without being too tired.  During the school year, reading usually puts me right to bed, ha.  Sleep deprived much!?  I haven't seen the movie yet, so this way, by the time its out to rent I will have read the book.  What books should be next on my list??  Maybe I can even get them on my iBooks app!

Summer has officially arrived as well incase you weren't aware!  I realize it's not actually official until June 21st - ish, but it's already blazin' hot down here in the south!

And I got my first skeeter bite of the season this weekend.  That, my friends, definitely makes it official!  We had lots of fun Saturday night at our friends' Cory & Courtney's engagement party.  Most of it was spent outside....there was delicious food, great friends, fun games (cornhole & kan jam), and this awesome photo banner!

Haha, this just cracks me up!!

The party was Hawaiian themed so naturally Brandon wore his best old man Hawaiian shirt!  They had leis and tiki torches...it was so much fun!

Other than the engagement party and iPhone fun, our weekend was pretty low key and just what the doctor ordered. Brandon's feeling much better now, too! Hope you're weekend was just what you needed too.

Happy last week of school!!!!!

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