My new favorite show

Have y'all been watching this show yet this summer??

We've been watching here at our house and it is my new favorite show!!  Well really it ends up, B and I watching it "together" while talking on the phone since he's traveling on Monday nights.  Hah, whatever works right!?

We've been fans of The Biggest Loser for a while now and avidly watched the past few seasons!  Plus I heart Bob & Jillian!!  I have Jillian's "30 Day Shred" DVD (which I highly recommend!) and she kicks my boo-tay whenever I can't make it to the gym!

But Biggest Loser is 1- a commitment and 2- a contest!  If you wanna see the change in these people, you are committed to the season to see how much they lose.  And these people are trying to win cash money, honey.  That's definitely a large motivator for many and they really play it like a game sometimes!

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, however, is not quite the commitment (for the viewer that is ;) and it's not a contest!  In 60 minutes, you get to see day 1 to day 365 and all the sweat, blood, and tears in between!  There is no cash prize at the end per say, but the trainer, Chris Powell, does motivate them with prizes such as a home gym or a new car, etc, at the end of each 90 day challenge.

Chris (I'm on a first name basis with all the trainers, clearly) moves in with his "trainee" for the first 90 days to get them started.  The transformations these people make is truly amazing!!  They sometimes lose like two whole me's in a year! Whoa!

I think I love this show in part, though, because it may be my dream job!  Not to be a trainer on a television show/contest for morbidly obese people so much......but to be a trainer/life coach/motivator/teacher!  I think as a personal trainer all of those jobs kind of get rolled in to one.  I'm a people person and obviously I enjoy teaching and helping people (I'm a special education teacher, remember!? :) and I think I could still teach and help people as a personal trainer, just in a slightly different way.

Now let's be real, I've mentioned my love/hate relationship with working out & food and I definitely don't have it all figured out when it comes to weight loss and training!  And clearly I am not exactly qualified at this point...I'm pretty sure, Bob, Jillian, & Chris all have schooling in exercise science, nutrition, and whatever else health wise is available.  So, I would probably need a lot more schooling! 

Nutrition, exercise, and overall healthfulness, though, have really become an interest of mine as I've grown up.  For now this is just an idea/dream that I think I could do part time or on the side once I have kiddos if I don't venture back to conventional teaching!  

So don't be surprised if one day I'm working in a gym as a personal trainer....but don't be surprised if I'm not ;)

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Ashley said...

Ok, I have a genius idea. I can be your first client (for free, of course...ha!) and it will be win-win b/c I'll drop my baby weight and you can put some "experience" on your resume! I'm genius.

PS-I love that show!!