A penny for my random thoughts....

Actually I'll give them to you for free :)

Even though I have my continuous countdowns....I'm really trying to be better about enjoying the moment :)

My computer is not broken, luckily my sweet husband is cleaning the mess I made making dinner as we speak!

This just says it all!

So true....don't look at our curtains up close or our wilting palm tree in the corner :(

This describes how I feel about my husband most often :)

Freckles rule!!  Thanks Dad!

Do what you love and love what you do right!?

*All via Pinterest.  Pretty much my new favorite website.  So therefore this summer I will most likely have an unclean house and be searching this website a lot!!

So here's my 2 cents,
my 10 cents is free...(yes, that was an Eminem reference)
I caught about 10 minutes of Extreme Couponing last night for the first time.  I feel quite positive the people on this show are certifiably insane. I mean really!?  Unless you're the Duggars, it is absolutely unnecessary to stockpile 185 gallons of detergent, 161 boxes of pasta, 73 sticks of deodorant, and 2 freezers filled to the brim along with shelves and shelves of canned food, etc in your basement.  Really!?  I mean, your family of 3 just does not need all of that, nor will you probably use all of it in your lifetime.  Brandon compared it to an organized version of hoarding.  Pretty dead on I'd say.  And hoarders are sick in their head for sure.

Just sayin'!

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Erin said...

Agreed...to the whole post!! :)