Finally, officially, really, really DONE!!

I've been a bad, bad blogger!!  (shame, shame!)

Its been so long since I updated, I've forgotten what I've even been up to since I last really posted!  Haha, but here's the good news...no, the GREAT news....get ready....

I'm super-duper excited for summer!  This will be my first summer since I don't even know when, probably middle school (and even then, I babysat some) that I won't be working!  I have a summer "to do" list going and most of the things on there are fun tasks or at least things I've been wanting to accomplish, so I'm looking forward to crossing those off :)

I also want to do a little blog re-vamp.  Thinking of just playing around with it a bit and seeing what I can come up with.  So if you check back at any point and it looks crazy or ridiculous....just know that I'm probably not done!  Hah

We had a semi busy weekend here!  I went to my friend Kelly's bachelorette party this past Friday night and Saturday up at the lake!  She had a lot of good friends fly in from Michigan and there were about 15 girls there!  Most of the girls were staying both nights, but I just stayed 1 night.  Its hard when Brandon or I has to be gone over a weekend night or nights because that's pretty much the only time he's home!!  So we really miss that together time when one or both of us is busy.  Saturday night we had a little date night and just watched a movie at home!

Sunday afternoon/evening we had an Acuff sibling cookout at our place with the grandma's too :)  It was so much fun!!  But I'm soooo bad at remembering to get my camera out :( this was the only pic I took (and actually B took it on my phone, ha!  Have I mentioned I'm so bad about that!?)

Cutie Wells loves to pose for the camera!  Its a little blurry, but whatev.  This was post swimming and the kids just got right in their jommers.  We had a TON of yummy food Sunday night and I'm still enjoying leftovers of the awesome fruit salad I made.

I also bought these gorgeous sunflowers from Trader Joe's Sunday when I was picking up all the good grilling out food!  Only $3.99 and I just couldn't resist the chance to have some fresh flowers in the house :) I think I've decided these are my favorite summer flower.  They just scream sunshine and happiness.

Well I'm off to do whatever I want because it's officially summer now and I can :)  I'll be back sooner rather than later this time!


Mimi to 3 said...

I'm so glad your summer has "officially" started. I hope it is restful and productive! One of the perks of teaching and with all that teachers do and have to deal with you deserve a few weeks to rest and rejuvinate!

Erin said...

Congratulations!! I know that feels amazing :)