My week in Instagram

I've seen many blogs do this lately so I thought I'd hop on board!  Instagram is one of my most favorite iPhone apps so I'm happy to share :)  It allows you to apply fun different filters to your photos and then share them through their website and your fav social media websites.

*Disclaimer - If you follow me on Facebook or twitter, chances are you've probably already seen most of these!  Most people take pictures of their children or very artsy things...I mostly take pictures of my cat and attempt to make non-artsy things artsy!  Ha

A little family froyo on Father's Day!  Just chillin' with the uncle

My snuggle bunny during the week!

He looks harmless, but he likes to jump up and knock around that picture!

Why can't he always be this cute!?

Or this cute!?

Best part of babysitting - being a kid yourself!  Just swinging in the back yard :)

Super Connor!

One of my most favorite flowers

Heaven.  Oh my word!  Probably the best afternoon snack ever!  But not the healthiest :/  oops!

Lemon Drop Cupcakes!!  I have no words....SO GOOD!!

One last Benny pic.  He loves grocery days :)

If you need a weekend activity in the kitchen, go check out Jennifer's blog and get the recipe for Lemon Drop Cupcakes!  They will rock your world!  But if you're pregnant and not ready to be in labor, don't eat them!  Apparently they are labor inducing so "they" say!!  I just made them cause they looked UH-may-ZING!

And I'm taking them to a bachelorette party this weekend!  This is my friend Dana and I a few weeks ago at our friend Alex's Bachelorette Party and now it's her turn!!!  Dana's getting married next month and I'm so, so excited!!  Her fiance proposed right after our wedding reception :)  So I'm off to work out and pack for a weekend in the mountains!!

Happy weekend y'all!!

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Christie said...

Those cupcakes do look amazing!