Our 1st Year in Pictures

Before our anniversary month ends, I wanted to get in one last anniversary post :)  Overload much!?  This is an anniversary post I want to continue every year, though!

Megan, from one of my favorite blogs over at Tales of the Trees, does "A Year in Pictures" post every year for she & her husband's anniversary.  I loved the idea so I thought it would be a fun thing to start over here!

The jist is you pick a favorite (or sometimes the only!) picture from each month of the past year to document. Notice I didn't say the cutest or best quality, but favorite/most memory filled :) And that's pretty much it!  So here goes....

Our 1st Year in Pictures

November 2010
One of our first pics after arriving at our Honeymoon resort!
We were SOO tired but so excited to finally be in Jamaica!!

December 2010
At the ACC Championship - VT vs. Florida State
It was COLD!  But it was a Hokie win!!

January 2011
New Year's eve in Myrtle Beach!
It might actually still be Dec 31st in this pic.  I couldn't find any other January pics :(

February 2011
A rando date night :)
Sorry for the poor quality - old BB picture

March 2011
Ready for the St. Patty's Day Bar Crawl!

April 2011
Spring Break '11 - My first ever trip to Universal!!

May 2011
Memorial Day Weekend - On Lake Norman!

June 2011
End of the School Year/Welcome Summer Luau :) 

July 2011
At a Durham Bulls game on the way to the OBX!

August 2011
First Panther's (pre)game of the season!!

September 2011
All dolled up for a friend's wedding!
Pardon the lovely shadows our heads (and my poof :) were creating

October 2011
The top of Mt. Mitchell!  The sign speaks for itself!

November 2011
Asheville - Celebrating 1 whole year with each other :)

November 20th, 2011
Holding our wedding pic from November 20th, 2010

We made it one year babe! Here's to 100 more :)

I love you B!


megantree said...

Aww I love it!! You guys are an adorable couple! And I love the idea of holding your wedding picture!

Ashley said...

I am so glad you did this! Y'all had a really exciting first year! : )