I SWEAR its not true....

....but you might think I'm a crazy cat lady after reading this post! =) I'm really not though.  You see I just don't have any children at this point in my life (except all my kiddos at school of course).  So this thang....

is my child.  (But ya know, not really!)  So just indulge me for the rest of this post!

Today, my sweet little Benson, Benny, Bennles, Ben, Benny Boo, BooBoo....

is ONE year old!!!  Happy Birthday little snuggle bunny!!!!

And because I'm a proud momma and obviously not a crazy cat lady, here are some of my favorite pictures of Ben!

He was so little!

Pardon my *early* morning face, but this is how I wake up EVERY morning!  Ben sleeps on my pillow (and only my pillow!) every night!


Getting too big for his bowl!  But won't give it up!!

Still my snuggler!

Watching me get ready in the morning.

Thinking he can just do whatever he wants....

This was his birthday present from Target!  So far he's enjoyed my coat hanging on the chair and a twist tie more.  Go figure!

And lastly, some proof (for my own piece of mind) that if I was indeed a crazy cat lady which clearly I'm not I would've bought him one of these today at Target....

but I refuse to dress my cat!

And, I have no such decals on my car as this lady below does!!

This is actually for real y'all!  This is no internet find; this is someone's actual car in my parking garage!  But I hope its actually a joke.  For her sake at least!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENSON!!!  And happy hump day to all my human friends out there =)

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Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to your little baby! He's a cutie! : )