Our Weekend in Bullet Points

I probably should have titled this post "An almost picture less post about our uneventful weekend"  But that seemed long and dramatic.

  • So remember when I was gonna run that half marathon?  And then I postponed it a bit and was going to run this other half marathon!?  Well.....that half marathon would've been this past weekend.  And clearly this girl did not run it.  Oops!!
  • I've done several 5K's in my day and I can run 6 or 7 miles at the gym, on a flat treadmill mind you, but running outside is a different ball game!  Instead of tackling 13.1 miles, I'm thinking I might try out a 10K first.  The Cooper River Bridge Run is every spring in Charleston, SC and we've been wanting to run it for several years. I'm thinking that's a better start for me, and a great excuse to head down to Charleston for a weekend ;)
  • We used our CitiPass Coupon book that I bought from my school twice this weekend!!  Friday night we went to Cajun Queen since B had been craving Cajun.  Saturday night we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Cantina 1511.  Good eats and that book has MORE than paid for itself already!
  • Saturday, we helped my bro & SIL move into their very own house!!!  They kissed apartment living farewell and said hello to home ownership!  I'm SOOO jealous excited for them!!  They bought a gorgeous house and are excited to get painting and make it their own!  Hopefully next year, this will be us!!
  • After the moving fun, we came home and promptly passed out!  We've gotten really good at weekend naps :)  Good stuff, I tell ya!
  • Sunday, we enjoyed our extra hour of sleep, got a good run in, and made breakfast for dinner!

  • I'll never turn down breakfast, no matter what time of day!

This week's a 4 day work week y'all!!  Why can't they all be that way!?  1 down, 3 to go!  


Todd and Sara Davis said...

Just read this and SO excited to be inspired by you, my runner friend! I'd love to work my way up to a 10K...maybe one day! Keep it up!

Rachel said...

So happy it's a 4 day week!! Only 2 more days!