Thanksgiving Weekend Randoms

1. Let's just let it be known that I'm terrible about taking pictures.  So instead of a cute post filled with Thanksgiving family pictures, you get this random post with some Thanksgiving sprinkled in :)

2. I would like to announce that I successfully made Shuck family noodles - from scratch!!


That's right ladies & gents!  And they were a pretty big hit!!  Especially with Brandon!  Which is good since he told me our marriage was on the line depending on these noodles ;)

See these noodles don't exactly come with a recipe, it's more like an old-passed-down-recipe-feel-it-out type thing.  I made them once last year with my SIL for Christmas.  This was only my second go-round, so I feel pretty accomplished!

3. The process of noodle making isn't exactly an easy task, btw.  It took me a good hour plus to make the dough and then roll it out.  And that rolling out is no joke!  My left hand still has a cramp!  And B says "Ohh, now you can make these every weekend!"  UMM....NO! :)

4. Not only did I excel in the noodle making department, but I was pretty much queen, ok princess (my mom gets queen title!) of the kitchen!

Wednesday morning I had Pandora Christmas radio playing while I made Molasses cookies & Pumpkin Spice Muffins with homemade Cream Cheese Frosting!  The lovely frosting pictured above was my attempt at being a baker for the day :)  I used a zip lock baggie, filled it with icing, and cut a little hole in corner.  Ha, let's just say I'll be sticking to my day job!

Molasses cookies are another Shuck recipe that I've been given rights to ;)  I'll have to see if I can share it on the blog.

Then, Wednesday afternoon I slipped over to my grandmother's kitchen to help my mom put together the sweet potato casserole!  We used my aunt's recipe and its definitely one of my favorite Thanksgiving sides! Yum!!  I'm sure we'll make it again at Christmas so I'll have to get the recipe then and share, SO good!

Finally, Thursday, I put together the dressing.  Another favorite Thanksgiving side dish!

5. I think dressing vs. stuffing should've been part of the accent vlog!  I think I use the terms somewhat interchangeably, but I think my family, for the most part, says dressing.

6. Our Thanksgiving eats were delish!!  If you can't tell by the happy mess this little boy was :)

Sorry for the poor quality!  Taken off B's phone

7. Slowly, but surely, I have begun my Christmas shopping!  Emphasis on the slowly.  Ok well, more like I'm making my Christmas shopping list!  Ha, I've only bought 3 things.  So I've got to get on it!

8. It was a pretty good weekend in College football for our house!  Michigan beat Ohio State & VT beat UVA!! The best part about the Hokies win means we'll have a full house next weekend of cousins and friends in town for the ACC Championship game!

9. In other football news, my Panther's won today!!!  We beat the Colts (who are 0-11 now) so not much to brag about.  But a win is a win and I'll take it!!

10.  In reference to 8, I'm ready for next weekend already!!  And completely in denial about going back to work tomorrow :(  Where did my vacation go!?  The good news is....I get another vacation in just 17 more work days!!  I just love this time of year and I'm so excited it's here!

Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping, parties, ornaments!!  Yes, I plan to soak up every ounce :)

Here's to a quicky work week!


Ashley said...

Wow! You cooked a TON!! Everything sounds so good. I want those recipes!!

Erin said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) PS I just saw a commercial on tv about the Polar Express train ride...remember when we did that?! Haha :)