Lovin' It

The CMAs are on tonight and I am LOVIN' IT y'all!!!  I love country music, it's my favorite! It's in my blood after all!  :)

Carrie Underwood's legs are smokin' and she and Brad Paisley have some good writers are pretty funny!!  No, but really, I love all the performances and seeing all the artists!  And Luke Bryan can shake it for me anytime!  ;)

Anyways....I'm also LOVIN' this week and this time of year!  So so much to look forward to and celebrate!!

For instance, 1 more school day this week and then a 3 day weekend!!  That makes me super happy!!

This sweet thang has been crawling in my lap every evening and nestling in my hair :)  I think he's cold, haha.  We haven't turned the heat on yet so I just layer up and sit under a blanket!  And we LOVE that cheap power bill!

Not this weekend, but next, we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in ASHEVILLE!!!  Are you serious!?  Where did the year go??  I'm so excited to visit Asheville & take Brandon to visit the Biltmore during their Candlelight Christmas Evening Tours!  Hello Christmas card :)  We're going to shop around downtown Asheville, visit the Biltmore winery, tour the house, etc.  SO, SO excited!

Around our anniversary, I thought I'd post some of my favorite wedding pics on the ol' blog since I hadn't started it yet this time last year.  I just love looking back through our photo book :)

After our Asheville trip, I'm down to 2 work days until THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!  

And Thanksgiving break brings family, fellowship, good food, Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping, parties, ugly sweaters, eeeeeee!!!!  I'm LOVIN' IT :) 

The trees are gorgeous shades of red, yellow, and orange here and I'll be getting a skinny Peppermint Mocha tomorrow morning to round out my 4 day work week and welcome the 3 day weekend!

Hope you're lovin' your week, too!

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Ashley said...

Yay! So happy for your short work week. And sounds like y'all are going to have a great anniversary weekend. Enjoy it! : )