This is my 100th blog post y'all!!!

Can you believe it!?  I definitely can't...where has the time gone??  All these posts sure have added up quickly & it's been a fun ride so far!  Before you know it, it'll be my 1 year blogaversary!

Today was also the 100th day of school!  100 down, 80 to go :)  Bring on Spring Break & Summer.  Amen.

We had a great weekend including new recipes, birthday parties, family time, and a little football watching!

Saturday morning we got our workout in, and then it was birthday time!  My family came into town to celebrate the birthday of this sweet little 6 year old!

My niece, Roen James

She told her daddy she really wanted some flowers for her birthday, so my Memaw had me stop to get her some from her since she couldn't be there.  She loved them!!

How can this precious girl already be 6!?  Wasn't it just yesterday that she was this cute little thang!?!

We had lots of fun at Roen's birthday party and she got a lot of sweet loot!  We got her a new book & some face pencils for lots of dress up fun :)

They went ahead and broke out the face pencils & Uncle Brandon and I attempted a little face art :)  We're not artists, that's for sure, haha.

Jude wanted to be Spiderman...all over his face!  Somehow we got him to settle for just the cheek & orange and brown since we didn't have red and black.  Roen wanted a swirly, wirly design & Uncle B did pretty good I think :)

And just for fun, I can't leave out this funny guy!!  He steals the show a lot!

Wells is so trendy, obviously!

Saturday afternoon we took naps of pure perfection with the gloomy weather we had outside! Then after some hemming & hawing I decided on some Pinterest recipes to try out that night, which I'll post later this week.  They were definitely keepers!

Sunday, we met the fam at my bro & SIL's church, Warehouse 242.  I'm so blessed every time I go there.  I think I'd like to go back a little more often.  After church, we had lunch at Pike's Soda Shop - always a winner!!

Then we needed to run off Pike's so we could indulge that night for some game time treats! Brandon made his world famous (ok maybe just family famous) Turkey burgers and I took care of the roasted veggies...yum!!  I was definitely rootin' for the Giants because I strongly dislike Mr. Brady & his Patriots!!  

I still have a bad taste in my mouth from when they beat us in Super Bowl 38.  YUCK!  I may be a little bitter....but at least now we have Super Cam :)


Starting last night, The Voice is back!!  Oh my word, I love!  And it's on again tonight!  It's a bright spot in my Monday.  I love the banter between the judges & the eye candy (ahem...Adam Levine & Blake Shelton) & the downright talent on this show!!  It brings out the choir nerd in me.  Way better than American Idol!  Yep...I just said it!

I hope there was a bright spot in your Monday - however superficial or teeny tiny or dim it may have been! And here's to 100 more blog posts!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy 100th post!! I couldn't agree more about The Voice and yumminess of Blake Shelton and Adam Levine! :) Hope you have a great week!

Erin said...

I worked the night of the super bowl, but got lucky in NICU 2 b/c there are tv's out there!! I caught the last 3 min. of the game and then watched some of The Voice. I had NO IDEA Adam Levine was that cute!!