Change Up

I'm sure you've heard this quote before - and if you hadn't, well now you have and I'm glad to have shared it with you!  I've been thinking about this quote a lot lately and it's been resonating in my brain when it came to my workouts.  

If you read this post last week, I shared that I felt like I was in a big ol' running funk.  They were feeling super hard and my workouts were just stale.  So, so.  Same ol' same ol'.  

And while I wasn't gaining any weight, I certainly wasn't losing any or looking any more toned for that matter.  My enthusiasm for working out was running low & Brandon could see my frustration with my mediocre sessions as the gym.  So Sunday night, he suggested I change it up!  As soon as he suggested a change up, the above quote came to mind.

I go to the gym and do the same runs and the same weight routines week after week.  So obviously I'm insane, because I was baffled as to why I wasn't seeing different results!!  A change up is just what I need!

So Monday, I started P90X.....again!!

That's correct, I'm doing P90X again!  Ha...I've done P90X once before. I started back in April 2010 when I lived with my old roommate, Lisa.  She and I did the workouts together each night and we lasted about 10 out of the 12 weeks of the full program.  We took before pictures and were super pumped!  But we didn't implement with exact fidelity and we didn't really change our diet.

This round I won't exactly be implementing with complete fidelity, either.  Whoops!  I just can't unfortunately.  I want and need to keep my running up & don't want to abandon it.  I'm an extrovert and that goes for my workouts, too. I tend to be extrinsically motivated with my workouts, also.  Aka - if I'm running at the gym and stop everyone can see me, but if I fast forward through a work out I don't like at home, no one knows!!  :)

Haha, so I have to keep going to the gym some and I have to keep running!  Plus, I can't STAND yoga!  I've tried, I've reeeally tried to like yoga, but I just can't.  And the P90X yoga workout is 90 minutes!!  No thanks!

I do the lean version of P90X, so the way I'm implementing this time around - 3 days a week are more cardio heavy workouts so I won't plan to run those days.  2 days a week are weight workout days so I'll plan to run before hand.  What would be yoga day will be my off day and I'll still do a longer run once a week.

The big difference this time around is my diet.  I haven't exactly changed my diet a whole lot, but I'm back to tracking my calories using an app on my iPhone!  I first started using it when I got my iPhone, but then stopped after a while.

I feel so much better when I'm using it, though!  It basically keeps me from unnecessary amounts of mindless eating throughout the day!  When I'm journaling everything I eat, I know if it goes in my mouth, it's going in the calorie tracker.  And let's be honest, I could snack all day long - but it is not fun to watch my calorie count go up!!

This time, I'm going for results!  I'm only 4 days in and I'm looking forward to my workouts again!  I can definitely tell that I'm stronger this time around than the last round (which at least means my old workouts weren't in vain!!  Just stale as of late I guess.).  I even bought some 10 lb today weights to add to my 5 & 8 pounders that I already have, I could tell yesterday they were just to easy and weren't gonna cut it.  My little home gym is growing :)  

So February's here & I'm changing it up y'all!!  Here goes round 2!


Ashley said...

You are too good! I need to be better about working out. I should do P90X at home! I can borrow it from Steve. : )

Annie said...

Oh I'm glad you found something that you look forward to. We were talking this morning about how just running does get old. My friend suggesting some sprinting around a track for something different too. Still running but better than the same ole.

Mia Maree said...

Good for you!! I'm excited for you!