Confessional Friday

It's Friday y'all, you know the drill!  Time for a little weekly confessing with Leslie... so hold on to your seat cause here we go! :)

1 - Birthday week started early!!  Last night, B surprised me with a present I'd really been wanting!

Love!!  Super cute, right?!

2 - You read correctly, I said birthday week.  I'm a firm believer that birthday's are too much fun to just be celebrated for one day.  You gotta spread the celebrating out!!

3 - To celebrate my birthday, I think a lot of, ahem some spring shopping is in order! Brandon doesn't quite feel this is the best way to celebrate...I have some convincing to do.

4 - For being a 'short' week...it sure felt really long.  Even with the 2 teacher workdays at the beginning of the week.  I usually feel like a small mac truck has run me over by Friday nights.  This week is no different, but the couch sure is comfy - I'm sinking into it as we speak :)

5 - Turns out what I thought was a cooking fail, actually turned out to be quite a success!  B loved the granola bars I made!!  And after I got over the peanut-buttery-ness, I really liked 'em too!

I'm going to make some again this weekend - switch up the ingredients a bit.  Not so much peanut butter and adding a little Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.  They'll still be kinda healthy, right?

6 - Speaking of healthy, I've been craving some good cupcakes lately.  I think I might need to make some for my birthday!  Yes, yes I need to do that!

7 - Surely cupcakes will be good for my calorie counter & my waistline right!?  As I'm sure the Chocolate Peanut Butter Malted Milk Balls I picked up today at Earthfare are!  Oh wait... actually probably not.

8 - I try to not over indulge, but I have to indulge every now in then.  Or else I'd straight up binge!  This week I may have over indulged a wee bit, though.  Darn those teacher workdays and eating lunch out and my chocolate cravings!!  This occurred to me on the treadmill yesterday as I was struggling through a run...

'If you feed your body crap, it will look like crap and perform like crap!!'

You'd think I'd learn this!!  Anytime I go for that piece of chocolate, I'm going to repeat this in my head.  Over and over again!  After tonight and those chocolate peanut butter malted milk balls, that is ;)  And birthdays are an exception right?

9 - House hunting quite possibly might be the death of me!!!  What an emotional roller coaster.  Holy cow!!  It also might be the death of my husband - I could likely drive him to insanity over it :)  Pray for us!  Haha

10 - On an exciting note, we're off to see some houses tomorrow - possibly 4 of 'em!!  Ya never know, we could see 'the one' tomorrow!!!  I have high hopes!

I'm outta confessions and we're puttin' Dexter in!  Happy weakend, y'all!!! :)

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Annie said...

I love that iPhone case! So cute. I love your monogram, too. Was your birthday last week or is it this week? Either way, I hope you have a happy, happy day!