Weekend Happenings

Saturday morning we gladly woke up early with lots of anticipation....we were off to house hunt!  All we needed were some cameras and you'd think we were on HGTV ;)

Early morning house hunting requires back up from the pretty mermaid!

It was love at first sight with the first house we visited....so now we play the waiting game and wait with baited breath to see how this will all turn out!!!  Eeeep!!  {Cue internal freaking out, excitement, anticipation, and anxiety!}  We're 0-4 at this so far, so we're breathing none-the-less.

After house hunting we went to the gym for a bit, then came home to relax and watch more Dexter...obviously we're obsessed and have a problem.  You'd think the universe was against us watching Dexter, though!  Every BluRay we've had so far (there are 3 in season 1) has had a crack in it and at some point will mess up or just completely stop playing altogether.

Without fail, 40 minutes into episode 11, it stops playing!  Fabulous.  So we had to send it back and now we have to wait a whole week to finish season 1!  Wahhhh - such a first world pain for all you twitter peeps :)

Saturday night we went to our friend's Ryan & Kelly's new house for family style dinner! Everyone brought some sides, we ate a delish dinner, made a fire in their new fire pit out back, roasted s'mores & played some wagering board game (of which I was terrible at so I forgot the name :)!  Haha....but still a fantastic Saturday night with friends!!

And of course, I didn't take a single picture.  Figures.

Sunday, we slept in and when I finally mustered up enough courage to head to the gym, this happened....

According to B, I've set a new record for myself running so now I have to keep this kind of pace every run....CRAP! :)  Just kidding, I'm pretty proud of myself and now I know I can do it, so I guess I should aim for such a pace each run.  We'll see!

Sunday after the gym, B turned super handy and unclogged our kitchen disposal (that I apparently clogged Saturday night with sweet potato peelings...whoops!) with our bathroom plunger!  We're most certain this is a sign we're ready to be homeowners now!!

That night I made Skinnytaste Fiesta Lime Rice with ground chicken taco meat & it was SO good!  I highly recommend it :)

B left super early this morning to get to a client in Wilmington first thing & I couldn't sleep super well after that, so it was definitely a coffee kind of Monday!  But we didn't have a staff meeting this afternoon and tonight, Benson & I have a Bachelor date at my friend Andrea's with she & Oliver & some take out....so I can't complain!

Hope your weekend shaped up nicely!  Happy Birthday week to me ;)


Rachel said...

Such a fun weekend! I'm thinking happy thoughts for you and this house! I hope this is the one!

Annie said...

I hope you get the house! Happy birthday week! :]