Lessons I've Learned from House Hunting

1 - It's for the birds!!  Oh my lans....I mentioned last week that this process might very well drive us to certified insanity (ok, mostly me, but then my insanity drive the hubs straight to the loony bin, too!).  All this negotiating and back and forth while knowing that it still might not work out, ughh!!  But we're thinking positively over here!  Can't we all just get along!? :)

2 - I'm the most impatient person you'll ever meet.  I strongly dislike waiting & surprises...just knowing that something is coming around the corner.  It's like waiting to get engaged almost.  You've dreamt about it your whole life, you've talked to your bf (realtor) about it and you know you're on the same page - you want the ring (house), he (the sellers) wants you to have the house - but no one is telling you when exactly you're gonna get it! Yeah, I don't like it.  I want what I want and I want it now!!!  But the Beatles constantly remind me, "You can't always get what you want", I'm just hoping they actually mean "You can't always get what you want {right away, but it will totally work out the way you want}!

3 - I crack under pressure.  I would, without a doubt, be the first to die in a scary movie.  I would never survive any kind of combat training or live to see the end of any kind of mass war time.  I'd be a goner for sure!  This is all a shocker to you, I'm sure!  Brace yourself, I'm also a crier.  Ask my close friends and family, they'll tell ya.  I've only teared up once in this process so I feel that's pretty good.  But the pressure continues to mount and I feel the foundation breaking, people!  I need an agreement!  And soon!  Please?

4 - It sure sucks the fun out of shopping!  I stopped by the mall this afternoon for a little birthday shopping.  I was going to treat myself to a cute new top or outfit to celebrate the big 2-5.  I found SO much cute stuff!!  All the stores have their spring lines out and bright colors, cropped pants and cute dresses were all whispering "buy me!" as I walked by.  But in the back of my head I kept hearing Brandon this voice in my head saying "You're about to make the biggest purchase of your life, you don't need to spend $34 on a top!"  Boo.  So I left empty handed.  This better be worth it!

5 - I'm dramatic.  See exhibits 1-4 above for further proof.  The emotional roller coaster-ness of this only amplifies the drama.  It causes me to write posts in which 3/4 of it comes out as complete and utter sarcasm and the other 1/4 is absolute total ugly truth - so all you future house hunters, be warned!  {Insert whiney voice}  I am ready for it all to end.  Well.  I want it to end well!!  It'll all be worth it, right!?

Right.  I will survive!


Chic Runner said...

I felt the same way when we were house hunting! It's SO difficult and draining but the outcome is so worth it! :) Hang in there, and you'll be okay, things will work out, in the right time!

Ashley said...

Hahahaha! This made me laugh. I know I am going to cry while house hunting. I crack under pressure too. Majorly. And I hate that feeling that you're about to have a breakdown. Ha! But when y'all do get your house you'll look back on all this and laugh at yourself that you were ever that stressed and impatient!

Mindy said...

OMG-You are bringing back painful memories for me!! I was the same way when we were buying our house...it IS super stressful!! But it will be worth it when everything is finally settled! Hang in there! Let me know if you need any help...we just did all of this 2 months ago!