Cupid's Cup 5K

This morning we ran in the 2012 Cupid's Cup 5K!


This was my 5th year to run, Brandon & my friend Andrea's 2nd year to run, and my friend Courtney's 1st year to run!  After 5 years, I feel like its tradition and I think I have to keep running it forever, now.

I first ran it in 2008 when I lived with my brother.  His company was one of the sponsors so we signed up & the rest is history :)

Of course the morning we're running a 5K outside it decides to be winter in North Carolina. It was a crisp 36 degrees when we woke up!  Brrr!

My goal every year is pretty much just to do better than last year.  I've consistently brought my time down each year I've run, starting at about a 10 minute mile.  Today I ran at an 8:49 pace for a finish time of 27:14!!  I shaved 10 seconds off last years pace and achieved a personal best - so I'm pretty pleased with myself!  (Even if it is just a measly 5K :)

Brandon, me & Andrea afterwards

Brandon & Andrea are beasts and ran the thing in just over 21 minutes!  Andrea has those long legs and ostrich like strides & B's just fast!  We forgot to take a pic at the race so Courtney wasn't in the pic :(  I may or may not be standing on my tip toes.

I made a new 5K playlist to pump me up for the run & that it did!  I was jammin' and singin' the whole time!!  These are the perfect songs to get you pumped up for a good run or workout :)

My 5K Get-Your-Rear-In-Gear-Run-Faster Playlist
(I play on shuffle!)
Angel - Akon
Turn Me On - David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj
Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida feat. David Guetta (<----This is the song we were 
announced to at our wedding!  Always gets me going :)
Good Feeling - Flo Rida
Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
I Like It Like That - Hot Chelle Rae feat. New Boyz
Domino - Jessie J
Better Than Her - Matisse feat. Akon
Drive By - Train

Hope your Saturday is shapin' up nicely!  Happy running & happy weekend friends!

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