Friday Tidbits

Alright friends, it's Friday....and well....

So here are some tee tiny tid bits to start off the weekend...

Joy of all joys...I got to go to the DMV this morning to renew my license!  Yay! (insert sarcasm)  Oh the joy of turning 25.

I was in and out in under 20 minutes, though - I'm pretty sure that has to be a record!  I mean, my latte was still hot when I got back in the car - for real - and I passed my signs test with flying colors!  I consider this a big fat success!!

I am now a licensed driver for another 8 years :)  Phew.

I think my mind is still in Valentine's mode....all I can this of is chocolate and cupcakes! This is bad.  One of my students gave me these for Valentine's day and they are little tiny pieces of heaven in your mouth.

I die

The box is still half full ;) but those chocolate covered strawberries are gone!  They didn't stand a chance against the fat girl in me.

We're babysitting my niece and nephews tonight :)  I'm sure there will be much playing, book reading and hopefully Basil take out for the adults!!

We started the Dexter series last weekend which also means tonight will consist watching more Dexter while sitting on my bro & SIL's couch (once the little ones are in bed of course) and quite possibly drinking a glass of wine or 3.

Happy Friday y'all!!

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Erin said...

Let me know how Dexter is... David and I like watching tv show series! Once we finish Friends we'll need a new one! :)