Lazy Dayz

After a successful Friday of renewing my license & babysitting adventures (and a fun surprise! for another post), our weekend was pretty lazy!  And that was just fine by me :)

Saturday morning started out rather productive actually!  My friend Lisa has been working out at a CrossFit gym (or box as they call it) and invited me to join.  It was so much fun!! Definitely a good challenge and different than anything I've ever done!  I really liked it & might have to go back soon or join and become a CrossFit trainer one day!  (<----dream job!)

I've beens super sore today - in an "Ahhh what a good workout!" kinda way!  For more CrossFit info and info on the particular "box" I visited, follow the link - its hard to explain, especially for me since I've only tried it once so far.

After our workout, Brandon and I had an impromptu little day date - Men's Warehouse to get him some new dress pants, a little froyo action, and then the grocery store!  Super romantic right?

Some Girl Scouts were all set up selling cookies outside the grocery store, so we couldn't help but buy a box of Samoa's - only the best girl scout cookie of all!  Yeah, that box is already gone!  Whoops, sorry that we're not sorry - just sorry we didn't buy more than one box!  Ha

We had a yummy dinner at home, complete with some amazeballs Sweet Potato Fries from Skinnytaste - try these ASAP if you have not!!  We were planning to go bowling for a friend's birthday, but Brandon's knee was killing him & he was just feeling achy in general.

So we spent the evening on the couch, watched a few movies, and went to bed early!  Oh what exciting lives we lead ;)  But sometimes a little R&R is needed!  B seems to have slept off whatever was plaguing him last night, so that's good!

Today, we got a good run in, which I was very pleased with since I haven't been running as much lately doing my P90X.  We did a little cleaning, a little laundry...you know the typical Sunday stuff!

Tonight, though, there are no Sunday night blues for this gal!!  Which is not typical!  Of course I'm sad B leaves for the work week tomorrow, but Monday & Tuesday are teacher workdays so it feels like a short work week & I get to sleep in a whole hour later!

I'll take it!!  It's the little things, y'all!

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