Change on the horizon...

First off, no - I am not pregnant ;) although I know someone who is! nor am I making an announcement of any kind - just to clear all that up!

While I'm not making any announcements today - I do see announcements on the horizon. Fun announcements!  Exciting change!!  Announcements like 'we bought a house!' or 'we're having a baby!' - albeit most likely another fur baby far before a human baby ;) but still exciting, fun announcements and big change none the less.

And I've always been one to plan ahead and a little type A and one to look into the future - what's next!?  I can't wait to graduate, I can't wait for college, I can't wait to get a real job, I can't wait to get married, I can't wait.....

So naturally I'm so, so excited for what's on the horizon!  It looks bright over there and like a fun adventure I can't wait to embark on....but while I'm getting pumped up for that journey on the horizon, I'm letting today slip away.

I'm forgetting to enjoy the here and now and getting far to caught up in the future.  A future that is not promised by the way.

I'm obsessing over when and where will we find THE house??  How much will it be??  Will it need a new kitchen, new appliances, new flooring??  When will we get more furniture to fill up a house??  When will we get a pup to add to our little family?

When will I start living for today?

Ughhh...all this planning and constant gazing on the horizon is exhausting!  While I'm getting caught up in the future, I'm missing all the great things going on today!

Sweet time with my husband still living in our first apartment together, living downtown....we won't live downtown for ever!

Nor will we always be DINKs - Duel Income No Kids (or pups!) as my friend from work calls us! Haha - and have the freedom to travel or be spontaneous or sleep in til 11 or pick up and go as we please!

I get so wrapped up and so excited for the next chapter - which is ok and normal I think - but I need to remember that my anticipation and excitement will not bring the future here any faster nor guarantee that it will end up the way I plan or imagine it will - in fact it usually ends up so much better!  As intended.

I can't let the sun set on any more tomorrows before the sun actually sets on today.  I can't let today slip away without being thankful for where I am right now.

I can't be so caught up in tomorrow {because I may not see tomorrow - maybe Jesus will come back!} so today and every today I want to remind myself of these things....

The changes that lie on the horizon will come in due time & I look forward to it!  But 'this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!'


Annie said...

I completely agree with you!

PS - I don't think I knew you lived downtown. You should come run with us Saturday morning at 8:30! We are doing 6.

Michelle Shuck said...

Yeah, I'm not far from you at all! I'd love to run with y'all sometime! 6 miles outside huh?? Ha I'm so much more of a treadmill runner so I don't want to hold ya back, but a short run would be fun!

Chic Runner said...

I totally agree, that is such a true fact that we all can get caught up in. I know I can too and it's nice to just enjoy life and look around you and count your blessings. :)

Ashley said...

So true! I am exactly the same way. I hate it. I'm always looking for the next thing! Though I have to tell you, I'm already excited about your next thing, too! When you announce you are pregnant I might faint with excitement!