Spartan Race Weekend

Our Friday & Saturday this weekend were pretty low key....all building up for the big Spartan Race on Sunday!!  But more on that in a bit....

Per usual, Friday and Saturday involved a lot of couch and a lot of Dexter :)  Just the way we like it!  I also threw in a haircut Saturday afternoon and then we visited furniture row here in Charlotte and browsed about 14, ok I exaggerate, 12 (seriously, it was a lot!) furniture stores.  Just some perusing & getting ideas... no purchases just yet!

Saturday evening there were some crazy storms all over NC.  I was washing dishes, mid sentence talking to B, no lie, and happened to look out our window to see this....

Gorgeous, right!?

Well, if you're local, you may have seen this photo circulating around Facebook & the news lately and it is nothing short of amazing and absolutely puts my shot to shame, ha!!

How amazing is the photo!?!?

A local photographer, Chris Austin, captured the photo and the local news covered it here. I've already inquired and submitted a request to purchase a copy of the photo!  How amazing would this print look hanging on a wall in our new house!?  I just love it!!  Photo of a lifetime!

The storm blew over and before we knew it, it was race morning!  Brandon was so excited he could hardly sleep and ended up leaving his change of clothes, towel, and signed waivers!!  My competitive man :)  Whoops!  Even after turning around, we made it to the Whitewater Center around 915 & met my bro and SILs and the guys got numbered up.

My brother Josh, Brandon, my other brother Rob, & Josh's neighbor Ben
The Before!

Almost Race Time!

Still Clean & headed to the starting line :)

B's ready!!


After the start, the men were lost in the woods and we didn't see them for over an hour! This race is no joke, y'all!!  We headed out to find the best spot to watch them and we parked over by this hill they would run up towards the end.  Once up this hill, we would get to see them in about 6 or 8 different obstacles and finish out the race!

Roen & Jude cheering everyone on!!

The kids loved cheering everyone on!!  They would yell "Good job!  You're almost up the hill! G-O, let's go!"  Haha, it definitely added some smiles to some weary faces coming up that hill!

Wells yelling "Good job!"

At the top of the hill, there was a wall they had to scale...and falling off meant 30 burpees!!  (If you don't know the h*ll that is burpees, google it!)


Unfortunately, he fell off, so burpees it was!!

Next, was the 200 meter row!

And then the javelin throw - if you don't make it in - burpees again!  Luckily B made it!

After the javelin throw, they had to crawl across a rope bridge over the rapids up and down another crazy hill to the last few obstacles!  Almost there!!

Climbing up the slippery wall!

Then over the fire pit (not pictured)...

...and to battle the jousters and swim to the finish!!!  (not pictured)

B's official finish time was 1 hour 16 mins and some seconds!!  I have to brag on Brandon for a second....he got 80th overall out of 1600 people on Sunday!!  And 22nd in his age group for Sunday!  That's right, my hubs is a beast ;)  So proud of him!!

Josh making it up the hill!!

Rob battling up!

Slow & steady makes it across!

Rob rowin' it up!

No javelin success for either bro :( 30 burpees!!

Finally met up with my spartan!!!

Congratulating Josh on his big finish!!

And congratulating Rob!!

Woohoo!!  Spartan Finishers!!!  Such strong men!

So proud of my brothers & husband!

It was such a fun day at the Whitewater Center!!  I was pooped just from watching them, and all I did was stand around, haha!  They're apparently crazy, because they're each signing up again for next year!  And apparently I've lost my marbles as well, because tonight, I let B sign me up!!  Gulp.  So my year of training begins soon :)

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend & Monday!  Here's to a short work week!!


Jordan Streetman said...

I saw that photo on Facebook and for a second I thought there is no was this is real, but man was it gorgeous!

Dee Stephens said...

I had not seen that rainbow photo! Amazing! Your hubby is super buff :) Six pack for sure! I'll have to send this to my hubby and remind him..HAHA!!

Michelle Shuck said...

Haha, thanks! Yes he does have that 6 pack. I however do not!! :) Hopefully our children get his athletic genes!

Annie said...

You are crazy that you signed up for that thing! My co-worker did it and is all scratched up from climbing under barbwire.

Go hubby go! Great job to him.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, can't wait to hear how training goes!! You are so brave, haha! :) I can't believe how big Roen is...and congrats to the guys!! :) That's mighty impressive.

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!!