I Run


Yesterday was National Running Day!!  So I celebrated...a day late - ha, the only day I didn't run this week was actually yesterday.  But I made up for it today!

Running's my favorite, even though I sometimes bitch moan and whine and complain through the whole thing, because, well, sometimes it's just plain hard!!  But, it clears my mind and relieves a lot of stress - it's just me, my music and my thoughts most of the time!  I may not be the best or fastest runner, but I consider myself a runner.  Hope I'll always be a runner :)

I'm about to embark on a new work out journey, though...one of which I might quite possibly be insane to try...



Yep, I'm shaking in my boots, pretty much terrified of these workouts!  But I'm only 9 months out from the Spartan Race at this point- and, let's be honest, if I had to go do that race tomorrow, I'd without a doubt cry through the whole thing and fake an injury to get out of it.  So I'm getting serious!!  It's time to get fit or get out - I'll let you know which option I take ;)

Monday, after wedding weekend, I'll be starting Day 1.  If I don't puke, I'll consider it a success!!  Ha!  And I just can't abandon my running.  Not sure how it's going to fit in at this point - but thankfully today was my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  Now I'll have lots of summer time to incorporate it all!

As I mentioned though...first things first - it's E&R's Wedding Weekend!!!!  We're packed and ready!!  Blacksburg, here we come!!!

Happy weekend friends!

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