The Final Countdown & My Sweet Dirty Flea Bag

It's the final countdown y'all....

In just 4 days my cousin Erin says "I do" to her love muffin Ryan!!

I'm so stinkin' excited I can not hardly focus at work this week!  I took the last day of school off so I won't miss any festivities!  We leave Friday morning for Blacksburg, VA for wedding weekend and this MOH {Matron of Honor - yep, I'm a matron, old obviously} is ready for all the bridesmaid luncheon - mani/pedi-ing - rehearsing - hair did - gettin' hitched - FUN!!!

Bring it on!

E&R are VT alums and are appropriately getting married at their alma mater - right in the VT chapel & then having the reception at the South End Zone of the VT football stadium!  I know it's going to be fantastic!!


Let's be real though, wedding weekend is not the only reason I'm having trouble focusing at work this week...

There are 2 days with students (since I took Friday off) & 3 teacher workdays between me and 10 weeks of summer vacay!!!  That's 5 days total, y'all! {Incase you're not so good at math!}

That is one amazing thing about teaching...just when you're not sure if you could keep going, summer break is there to refresh & rejuvenate you for the next year and a new start!

I'm looking forward to accomplishing a few tasks for our house and enjoying some down time, rest, traveling with my handsome hubs, beach vacays & more...I just have to survive first.

Onto a way less fun topic... I know it's hard to believe, but this sweet little thing right here....

is a dirty little flea bag!!

We have no clue how he actually got them since he's an indoor cat - and I guess that doesn't really matter at this point - but we're certain of how we're going to rid him (and our house & yard) of them...

Task 1 - Ben got a flea bath!  He was not a fan.  But it was necessary!  I wish I could have snapped a photo of him soaking wet and shocked/angry - but washing him was a 2 person job!  He might even have bath numero dos before we leave this weekend.  But shhhh...don't tell him yet!

Task 2 - Ben got some flea "meds" on his neck.  He's still a little greasy looking, but I don't care because I want those suckers to die!

Task 3 - Cleaning Freak!  I've cleaned the downstairs, the upstairs and the downstairs again.  I'm paranoid about these stupid little bugs and their flea dirt (woof!) and I will not have it in my house!!

Task 4 - Orkin Man!  Ha, well we're actually using a company called Black Pest Prevention - they've serviced our house before and their sign adorns our yard so I figured we'd just stick with them.  They seem rather affordable, too. They're coming Thursday to spray inside and out I'm more than ready, because y'all, DON'T.DO.BUGS.


Happy hump day friends!!


Dee Stephens said...

UGH on the fleas :( NO BUENO! We use Frontline for Buddy.
What a cool wedding?!! Brad is also a VT alumni!
I have never heard anyone doing a reception on the field like that but pretty cool!
I do know someone who had their rehearsal dinner at the Cubs Stadium in CHI and they got to go on the field.

Michelle Shuck said...

It's not actually on the field, although that would be so cool!! It's in the "club level" of the stadium overlooking the field! Should make for some good pics :)