Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

I mentioned in my last post that we'd be painting the kitchen this weekend....and we're all done!!  Woohoo!  And now that we're on the other side of it, we've decided we love all the other paint in our house!  Hah, we actually liked all the other paint colors anyways - so no more painting for the Shucks!!  Amen!

Before we got our paint on Friday night, I made ALizAdventures' Frank's Pizza Chicken!


I love this dish 1 - because it's carb-less and doesn't make me feel as guilty as eating regular pizza & 2 - because you can dress it up any way you like!  Friday I attempted to make a version of Brixx's Chicken Florentine Pizza - didn't taste exactly like it, but it was still delish!!

Then, I grabbed my weapons!  A little vino, my paint brush, music blaring and we got to crackin'!  Here are the before pics...

Bye bye red!!  Here's the results....

Before and after 

And we finally were able to hang our kitchen pictures & wine racks....I love it!!!

We finished Friday night around 1130 - talk about exhausted!  We weren't sure if it was going to need a second coat so we let it dry overnight.  Saturday morning a few walls needed a second coat because they looked a little streaky and I touched up a few spots here and there where red was trying to peak through.

We left it to dry and headed to the pool!  My friend Andrea had some girlfriends in town so we met them for some cocktails at Andrea's apartment pool.  It was glorious!!  The weather was perfect and we got our vitamin D quota for the weekend :)  Andrea's friend Bryan came too, so B wasn't the only guy, haha.

When we got home from the pool, the kitchen was all dry!!  It was definitely more grey than mocha, which we weren't expecting.  But I still love the way it turned out!

Saturday night we met Andrea and friends again at a wings joint right near our house, Buffalo Wings & Rings!  Dinner was banging!  Perfect meal after a day in the sun - I can definitely see us walking there a lot this summer :)

Beer Tower

Me & my man :)  Cute, but my hair looks weird!

Pretty girls!  Me, Andrea, Katie, Sarah, Amy & Hannah

Hahaha - great face Drea ;)

Didn't get a pic of the boys...whoops.  Such a fun night!!  Today, we hung the pics in the kitchen, went for a killer run (literally - I whined the whole time! ha), ran errands, and got Moe's for dinner!  YUM!!  Now we're planing ourselves on the couch and getting ready for another week.  

On the bright side...next weekend is a long weekend and I'm down to 13 days of school!!!  Woohoo!

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Rachel said...

LOVE the final product in your kitchen! It looks fabulous!