Midweek Randos

Recently, sweet Mrs. KTLouise tagged me in an Eleven for Eleven post from her blog!  I did a Random Eleven post not too long ago when I was tagged by Chic Runner, so I'm not going to fully participate again, but I thought it'd be fun to answer KTLouise's 11 questions and throw in a couple other midweek randoms, also.  So here we go!

1 - Where were you born?  Right here, in good ol' Charlotte, NC.  My home :)  I'm such a towny - except my town's gotten pretty big over the last few decades!

2 - What irrational fear do you have?  Probably something with bugs - like them crawling in the windows while I'm sleeping.  Talk about hebie jeebies!!  Yuck!

3 - Where's 1 place you hope to travel before you die?  Just 1 place!?!  I guess Bora Bora. Or Hawaii.  Or Alaska.   That's more than 1 huh?

4 - What's your favorite summer cocktail?  My go to in the summer is usually a Bud Lite Lime, but that's not really a cocktail, haha.  So if we're talking cocktails - I think I'd pick a Mojito or Gin & Tonic!  So refreshing!

5 - Fine Dining or Casual Dining?  Casual.  Fine is good every now and then, but I'm more a relaxed kinda gal!

6 - Did you go to summer camp as a kid?  Oh my goodness, some of my best and most favorite childhood memories are from summer camp!!!  I think it's just a right of passage - every kid needs to go!!  My summer camps were always with my church and such an awesome time!

7 - Favorite comfort food?  Ice cream.  Any time, any day, any where!  Always hits the spot!

8 - Do you have any siblings?  If so, how many?  I am blessed with 2 amazing big brothers! I'm the baby :)  I'm so fortunate that they chose wonderful wives (one wife per bro, we do not endorse polygamy here!) so now I have 2 sisters!  And when I married B, I gained another wonderful sister & (her hub) brother!  I'm real blessed, y'all!

9 - Coffee or Tea?  Coffee - and make it Starbucks, please.

10 - Friends character you're most alike?  This is such a fun question, haha.  I guess Monica?  I definitely have an inner fat girl (that I suppress), I like things to be neat and clean (although I'm not near as compulsive about it!) and I can just relate to her wee bit OCD personality :)

11 - What's the 1st concert you ever saw?  I'm pretty sure it was Point of Grace when I was maybe 11 with 2 of my best friends, Ashley & Erin!  Haha, we got the shirts and cds and sang the songs in church!  I'm sure there's a repulsive picture of us (11 is like the beginning of the awkward years, ya know!?) in our PoG tshirts at one of our parents house.  Let's hope that doesn't ever get found!

Such fun questions KTLouise!!  Thanks for the tag!

Just a few other midweek random...

-- 3 years ago this very day....it was actually a Saturday....I met this handsome stud!!

Not from the day we actually met, but maybe 6 or so weeks later :)

Sometimes it seems like I've known him forever!  And other times it seems like 3 years is just this small blip of time.  Either way though, I'm so thankful he's mine & we're in it together, for the long haul!

-- Today, our due diligence date is up on our house!  (That's real estate talk, y'all)  I guess we're for real going through with this whole house business or else we loose out on some major moola we already paid forth.  So yes, we move forward!!  We close 3 weeks from today! :)

-- I need to ask a big favor of y'all - Sunday night we got a call about a family member of B's that's not doing so well.  I can't share too much (it's not really my story to share), but God knows and I know He'll hear your prayers for B's family and us.  So thank you in advance!

-- And so to end on a positive note, I am welcoming spring with open arms!

Welcome back warm weather - although that started a little early this year - spring break {we're down to 7 school days!!!} - spring blooms - and my allergies! YUCK - lighter evenings - and the urge to go sit on a porch and sip wine or eat dinner!  That of which I will be doing tonight, with some very *lovely ladies*!!

Happy Spring friends!!


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, Point of Grace!! I had completely forgotten about that! I'm positive there are some awful tween pictures out there of us... haha!! I'll be praying for Brandon's family, and I'm excited about your house! :)

Dee Stephens said...

I'm a Bud Lite Lime girl in the Summer and I'm not big on beer! Perfect for the lake or beach :-)

Todd and Sara Davis said...

praying for B's family!!! this was a great post to get to know you better! :)