Wonderful Wednesday

Look at these temps y'all!  

This week the weather has been amazing!  It's technically not even spring, but I'm already itchin' for spring time with these warmer temps!  I can't wait til we have a patio (and maybe some patio furniture) to enjoy this great weather!


Since I've been in a professional development this week, I haven't been out of bed before 7!  My normal wake up time is 530, so 7 am is sleeping in for a weekday - and it's amazing what that extra hour and a half can do!  Wonders!    Especially since I'm fighting some sickness/allergies.  I'm so grateful for some extra shut eye :)

My man is home tonight!  B normally gets home Thursdays from traveling, but this week is home early!!  I love having him home an extra weeknight, feels like such a treat, haha.  Woohoo!

And here is exactly what we'll be doing tonight....

Wednesday night means my favorite TV line up is on & all new tonight!!  You will find B & I on the couch and not watching Dexter for once ;)  These are probably my 2 favorite shows on TV!  If you've never watched, you really should!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

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