Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Hump Day friends!  Always a good feeling to be half way through the week and closer to another weekend...duh!  

This afternoon, I ran a few errands and then stopped by the mall for some shopping with a little birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket :)

Ever since our house news I've been dreaming of home decor purchases and immediately thought I should save my birthday cash to buy something for the house - maybe put it towards some new furniture (since we'll have none!) or a new piece of art or decorative something - but B said I should use it to buy some new spring clothes and clothes for our cruise!!

Have I mentioned I love that man!?!  I'm really thankful he told me to do that!  As I've mentioned before, making these big adult purchases in life makes it hard to enjoy shopping or spending money on things I don't necessairly *need*.  So I'm thankful for his 'ok' to make some new wardrobe purchases :)

I've really been wanting some grey skinnies, so I finally got these pretties today at Gap!

Except their grey, like I said!
For the life of me, I couldn't find the grey pair on
their website.

I thought I'd have a little more time to browse around, but I had to make it to a farewell dinner (tear!) for 2 coworkers and traffic was a mess!  On the bright side, I still have some birthday cash left and will hopefully find some more spring/summer essentials soon!

Speaking of pretties, have you heard of One Kings Lane?  My friend Melissa blogged about a deal on One Kings Lane a few months ago, and after perusing their sight I became obsessed!  Their site has tons of pretties!!  This past weekend I made my first OKL purchase...


Isn't this bag so cute?  I loved the bright, cheery color!  Again, a great purchase for spring & the cruise :)  Unfortunately, I think this sale has ended, but I'm not positive so check out the link!

As I said, I'm now obsessed with OKL because they have the most amazing items on their site.  Don't get me wrong, some of their stuff is crazy outrageous expensive, even on 'sale'!  For instance...

this metal sculpture on 'sale' for a mere $699.00!  I mean, hey, maybe that's your thing and you have 700 smackaroos laying around to spend on this weird lovely metal piece....not really my style!

Ha, no for real though, look at all these beauties I lurve on their site...

Gunmetal Archbed Bed
I think this bed would look fantastic in our master bedroom!

Lux Candles
I can just see these beside the soaker tub in the master bath!

Mirrored Jewelry Box

Table Lamp

Over time, I know we'll eventually acquire some great furniture, like the above, but for now, I'll stick to browsing around & dreaming through OKL!

And Pinterest!  

If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably noticed that a lot of my pins lately are going on my "For the Home" board. 

I think we might need this bedding!  I just love these
colors for the bedroom!

How cute is this idea!?!

We will be needing this right inside the garage!

Great for the office maybe?!

I think someone should really pull me back down to reality...my head seems to be floating in the clouds a bit much, whoops!

Before I leave you, I thought I'd share a blog post I really enjoyed reading - 10 Things I've Learned About Sex in 6 Months of Marriage!  Rachel retweeted this link/post the other day & after reading it, I felt like it was too good not to share!!  1 - Major kudos to the author, Lauren, for addressing the sensitive unmentionable topic and 2 - thanks for addressing it so well!!!

Bet that's not how ya thought I'd sign off, huh!?  An article about sex!  Haha, well friends, I'm always full of surprises ;)  Hope your week is sailing along smoothly!

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