Charlotte Bloggers Wine Wednesday

This past Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies for a little Charlotte Blogger Wine Wednesday at Arooji's in South Park!

(Thank you Katie, for all these wonderful pics!  Your camera is amazing!)

All the ladies!
From left to right - back row: Katie, April, Annie, Kate, Sara, Jordan, Maran, Lulu
Front row: Me, Christina, Sarah, Dee

This was my second time attending a blogger get together and it was so much fun!!  April was so sweet to organize everything and we all just had the best time!


Everyone was so sweet and down to earth.  Just the kind of girls you could sit around and with and chat for hours about life, love, and everything in between!!  Like you've known each other forever :)

It was such a sweet middle of the week treat to get know all these wonderful bloggers!  We took turns going around, introducing ourselves, our blogs, where we're from, what we do, etc.

We were definitely a loud bunch, too!!  Ha, but luckily we were pretty much the only ones there! (Although I don't know why!  The wine tasting/appetizer deal was amazing as was the food & wine, I definitely want to go back!)

I'm so thankful to be a part of this fun & crazy blogger world and for the wonderful friends I'm making along the way!!  Looking forward to doing it again, ladies!


Todd and Sara Davis said...

how did you get connected with other bloggers?

Michelle Shuck said...

The blogger who organized it, April (who has a much larger readership than I!) had any Charlotte blogger girls who want to be involved in get togethers email her and she kinda got the ball rolling! Great idea, huh!?