Weekend Bliss

Why can't every day be the weekend!?  Too much of a good thing?  Maybe....but I sure do love my weekends :)  We had a great weekend over here!  Nothing too eventful, which was nice.  

Friday night was pretty low key...we watched some Dexter, I blogged about our ridiculously busy spring & I made April's Frank's Pizza Chicken for dinner!  Oh my word, it was delish!!  B kept saying, "This is so good!"  We'll definitely be making this one again, so thanks April for the great recommendation :)

Saturday morning, we woke up bright & early for our home inspection!!  EEE....it's seeming more and more real with each step.  The inspection went really well!  In the words of the inspector - "This is what I would call a great inspection, I think you're getting a great house!" That was definitely reassuring and made us feel really good.  No major issues and that is a huge plus!

It was fun to spend a lot of time actually IN the house....exploring - looking back & discovering a lot of things we missed on our initial visit - planning what to hang here, what to put here - checking out the back yard!  We took a lot of pics, but I don't want to share just yet...not til it's really for real official (gulp).

After the inspection, we got a workout in & then I went for workout round 2, the Fun Run & 5K at my school.  Wasn't my best time ever, but it was pretty fun and I got to see some of my kiddos!

After my two workouts on Saturday, I think I fully earned some Kabuto's!  We met my parents, grandmother, niece, nephews, and bro & SIL for dinner.  My parents were in town keeping the kids for my other bro & SIL so they could go out and celebrate their anniversary (Happy 9th Anniversary Josh & Callie!)!

It was the kids first time at a Japanese Steak House where they cook in front of you - and they were mesmerized!!

Pure amazement!

Wells was actually not so sure...

But Jude was a big fan!

It was so fun to watch their reactions!  And the food was pretty amazeballs, too! Afterwards, we managed to save some room for froyo - let's be real - there's always room for froyo :) Rob & Gale joined us and we talked all things house!  They gave us some good advice since they were in our shoes just 4 or so months ago!

We came home to (need I even say it?) more Dexter and turned in pretty early.  I started feeling a little full in the head and my throat was a little sore all on top of loosing an hour of sleep that night - fantastic.

Sunday morning we slept in a bit and I made some chocolate chip banana bread muffins for breakfast...


I followed that up with a good, long run to fight off that sickness, some laundry, and boat loads of lesson planning!  I wrote 3 days of sub plans....a bit overwhelming...but all for a good reason since I'm in a great math training this week!

In fact, this teacher has homework!  So I'm off to do my reading for my training tomorrow....thank goodness I get to sleep in a bit!  It's the little things ;)

Here's to a quick & easy work week!


Todd and Sara Davis said...

Can't wait to see pics of the house! So excited for you! We will be doing the same eventually so give any tips you have. Enjoy your workdays!

Erin said...

Oooh can't wait to see pics of the house! Give more details! One-story? Two-story? How many bedrooms?? Where in Charlotte?? (Or you could just message me that...I don't know if thats tmi for the blog??) And if you have a backyard that means you need a dog!! :) Very excited for you guys, and hope you are feeling better!