Quarter of a Century

Welp, I'm officially a quarter of a century!  The big 2-5!  My dad asked if I was depressed about being older, but so far I like getting older.  Life just keeps getting better and I'm so incredible blessed (it blows my mind really!), so what's not to like!?

I had a fantastic birthday {week}!!  Thursday night the festivities started when I met Andrea for our traditional birthday mani/pedis :)  We relaxed and chatted at out favorite nail bar, Polished, while we got pampered and sipped a glass of wine!  Of course I forgot to take a picture of she & I, but this was the end result for my nails...

Andrea said, "Go big or go home -  you're turning 25!!"  So I agreed & went big or bright actually!  I chose this pretty corally pink and Andrea went wild with some turquoise!  (She's a designer, she can pull it off ;)

We grabbed some dinner at Panera while B scrimmaged a little bit of softball game with a friend's team.  When he got home, he surprised me with this stunner!!

Oh.my.word.  I was so surprised!  Brandon took this tiny little box out from behind his back and my jaw just dropped as I immediately thought jewelry.  All along I had no clue what he was getting me!  I kept wondering what he was planning as I couldn't think of anything else I had asked for besides my iPhone cover.

When I opened the box I was shocked!!  Gorgeous right!?  It's a Black Onyx that he picked it out all by himself.  He's got good taste, I will say!!  I shouldn't be surprised, he picked my engagement ring all on his own, too!

Friday, I woke up extra chipper!  The Facebook messages had already started and I was feelin' the birthday love.  I left for school with my gorgeous new right hand ring, stopped by Starbucks for my free birthday drink (man, I love their rewards!), and my kids were sweet to me all day :)  The social media messages didn't stop along with texts and phone calls and lots of love all around.  So incredibly blessed.

I left school soon after the kids - it's my birthday, I can do that right? - and got in a good run and workout before dinner with fun friends & family!  Nothing like working out on your birthday.  Telling time and your biological clock what's up!

I requested La Paz as my birthday dinner choice since they're finally reopened in the Metropolitan shopping center!  Yummy Mexican!  I didn't take any pictures at dinner, but a few other people did.  Whenever they post those pics I'll come back and add them in.

There were 19 people at dinner.  19!  So incredibly blessed!  Just can't get over it.  Dinner was delish, complete with some fried ice cream at the end :)

Afterwards, a few of us walked next door to Hickory Tavern to continue the party!

Me & my man 

The ladies at Hickory Tavern

The boys

It was such a fun night!  I'm so thankful for my wonderful friends and family!  25 has been a really great birthday!

Perhaps the best gift of all was finding out Thursday that we're under contract on the house!!!  

After my post Wednesday about the craziness that is house hunting, it's all starting to feel worth it!  We still have a few hoops to jump through, i.e. an appraisal & home inspection, but if those go well....we should be good to go!  We drove by today and saw the "under contract" signs.  Eeeeee!!!

So how's that for a birthday gift huh!?  B said between a ring and house I should be good for a few years ;)

The rest of our weekend has been wonderfully quiet.  A simple weekend at home with my man - some shower & bachelorette planning, a little TV, some Dexter, movies, some working out, laundry, endless home decor searches online ;) & some made in the mug brownies.  

Yes, it's been a fantastic birthday weekend!!


Todd and Sara Davis said...

Happy Late Birthday!!! Glad you felt the love...birthdays are SO fun! Congrats on the house too!

Ashley said...

So glad we got to go out for your birthday! We haven't done that in forever. : ) And I can't wait to see your house in person! Yay!

Erin said...

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday weekend! :)