I'm back from Wedding Weekend & I'm not dead - just don't have time for 
a full recap post today :)  So here are a few updates in bullet form!

  • Speaking of Wedding Weekend, we survived!!!  It was an absolute blast & we had so much fun with family & friends!  Erin & Ryan are off to Mexico - so jealous.  I'm looking forward to doing a full recap!

  • I think our flea problem is finally under control!  After a second bath...

...and a treatment of Frontline (apparently we bought the wrong kind at first) 
we're seeing little to no flea dirt on him/in our house and have found about 3 
dead fleas on the floor.  We're on the mend!

  • Tonight is Monday night and you know what that means - Bachelorette Monday Night!!  

  • B's actually home tonight, a rarity.  He leaves tomorrow until Saturday for his work review.  He said he didn't mind if the girls still come over, though, for our Bachelorette viewing pleasure.  

  • I'm making him a yummy send off dinner before hand and as a thank you :) 

  • I have 2 more teacher workdays, y'all - 2!!

  • And I already have my first lunch date of the summer :)  Thursday, you'll find me, Ashley, & Rachel enjoying one another's company and maybe a fun mocktail or two!!

Wedding recap later this week!  Happy Monday friends!

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