Family Fun!

My mom was in town until this morning, keeping my niece & nephews while my bro & SIL were on a mini getaway to the mountains.  She kept them Sunday and Monday nights, so to break it up, she brought the kids over Monday afternoon for a sleepover at Aunt Michelle's House!! :) Woohoo!

After a much delayed start due to my mom's car battery dying, a trip to Kia to get a new battery, and traffic, they finally made it over about 430.  Poor Wells fell asleep so we let him sleep til about 5 & then played a bit & ordered some Mellow Mushroom Pizza.  Heaven - everyone was happy!

The kids then christened our big soaker tub in our master bath (which I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of!) and we spread out sleeping bags & read books.  My mom and I had this grand plan that the kids would be asleep by oh, 830, and she and I would start the Bachelorette on the DVR.  Ha. ha. ha.

Not so much!

I think the kids just had so much excitement going on from being in a new/different place to sleep, etc.  Sweet things didn't go to bed until after 10 and continued to stir most of the night!  So much for watching the Bachelorette!

But it was OK!!  We all woke up in the morning {my mom & I ran to the coffee pot} and made a yummy breakfast.  Then, we were off to the farm!

A small farm, Hall Family Farm, is just down the road from our house so we thought we'd try it out!

Roen James

Jude Leeland

Wells Bascomb

It was definitely a small farm.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it didn't quite meet expectation.  Their strawberry season was already over, but they had a few fun things for the kids to play with and were also selling lots of veggies!

Haha, farmers!

Wells wanted to be big enough for the Trike...I just pushed instead :)

Roen riding around!

We had a fun little morning, then my mom piled everyone in her van to head back to their house in time for lunch & to greet their parents.  That afternoon, my mom came back over to stay the night with me!  We had big plans for dinner out with the fam (minus B & my Dad) for my brother Rob's 30th birthday at Cantina. Yum!!

I only took 2 pics at dinner...

Wells with a mouthful of quesadilla!

Birthday boy!!

My SIL, Gale, brought a DQ Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake for dessert since Rob loves him some Reese's!  Oh my goodness...that cake was worth every calorie.

I knew Rob was getting a new bag for his golf clubs from Gale for his birthday, so I thought I'd continue with the golf theme and get him 30 golf balls for turning the big 3-oh!  Well, golf balls don't really come in boxes of 30....so I got these instead!


Recycled golf balls...how cool!  Now it doesn't matter if you have a terrible swing and lose all your balls, cause they weren't new to begin with :)  I had never seen or heard of these and thought it was such a cool idea for any golf lover in your life, so I wanted to share!

**Hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday, Rob!!  Thanks for being my big brother!  Love you!**

That night it was fun to just sit and chat about anything and everything with my mom once we got back home!  We got to watch the Bachelorette & she definitely got a good, much needed, uninterrupted night's rest before heading back to GA this morning.  

She made sure to note - this is why people have children when they're young(er), because it's exhausting to keep up when you're old(er)!  Haha - hey, even I thought it was tiring and I'm still pretty young.  Oh boy!  

Thanks for being my house guest, momma!

It's been a fun few days full of family - I just love it!  

If you're working this week, you're over half way there!!  And if you're not working (like moi), happy hump day anyway! ;)


Ashley said...

Aww!! What a sweet Mimi and Aunt Michelle! That looks like so much fun! I miss your family! And my mom and I talk all the time about having kids young. My parents can't keep up anymore!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time with your mom! I drive by Hall Family Farm on my way to Charlotte a few times a week, but never stopped. Seeing their sign out by the road, I've been curious if they'd be any good...I guess their vegetables might be worth a try.

Dee Stephens said...

So, your brother has 3 kids and another on the way?
YAY, for babies!