Off to a great start...

Just as I predicted, my summer break is off to a fantastic start!!  Wednesday afternoon I closed my little office down at school - powered down the computer, shut off the lights, and locked the door!


And I pretty much looked like this as I left the school building!  Haha

That afternoon I celebrated after my workout by catching up on reading blogs and blogging, then continued the party Thursday morning by sleeping in!  I'm wild, watch out!!  Ha, but really, it was glorious!

Then Thursday for lunch, I met up with Ashley & Rachel for a potluck lunch per say at Ashley's house.  Per usual though, we didn't take a single picture!  I have absolutely no proof we hung out, but it was so much fun!!  It's so nice to have friends in near by life stages {I'm taking notes from them as they're both aboard the baby train!} and we're all teachers so we can definitely relate :)

Last night, I joined my good friends Lisa & Dana for a Knight's Baseball Game!  The Knight's are a AAA Minor League White Sox affiliate not too far south of Charlotte and Thursday home games are "Thirsty Thursdays" - $1 beers!

My pretty friends!  Lisa, Me, Dana

Perfect Summer Night!

My twin :)

Little blurry...all the girls!

I hadn't been to a Knight's game in so long!  I don't think we went at all last summer.  But now we live closer, so hopefully this will happen another few times this summer :)

B finally gets home from Michigan tomorrow!!  He's had his work review this week and I'm so thankful for another positive work review for him!  He works so hard so it's nice that his bosses are so pleased - so proud of my man!!

But while the big cat's away, tonight, this little mouse is having her very own girls night in - alone - on the couch.  It's perfection really :)

First, I'm going to indulge in a little RHOC (Real Housewives of Orange County) on my DVR...


Then follow that up with a little Julia marathon...I'm thinking My Best Friend's Wedding...


...then a little Pretty Woman...


...followed by a little Wedding Date if I'm still awake!


I do realize that's Debra Messing and not Julia Roberts, but I just love that movie!  The couch is calling my friends!!

Happy Weekend!

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Meredith said...

It looks like you're having an awesome start to summer! I need to make it out to a Knights game...can you believe I've lived right outside of Charlotte basically my whole life and I've never been?! And Thirsty Thursdays sound amazing!