The Day Before

Last Friday was the day before the big day for Erin & Ryan!  Brandon and I started the day out nice and early with a little Starbucks and hit the road for Blacksburg :)

Small disclaimer - most of these pics are either from my camera, my phone, B's phone or Facebook :)  All are friends/family from FB so I'm stealing with permission to not link back.

Not long after we got there...it was time for the Bridesmaid's luncheon!  My mom, grandmother & aunt threw the Bridesmaid's luncheon for E and all her girls.  It was at The Inn at Virginia Tech - a gorgeous hotel right on campus!

Me & Ash - my bday twin :)

Bridesmaids with the Flower Girl - Hannah, Me, Roen, Ashley

Bridesmaids with the Bride & Flower Girl - Emily, Lyndsey, Erin, Roen

My Gorgeous SILs - Gale & Callie

The Bride with her Grandmothers

The Bride with her future MIL & Mom - Trish & my Aunt Stacy

Funny story about this picture - We were taking pics of Erin with various people and we said, "Oh how about a picture with the mothers?"  So Trish & my Aunt Stacy hop together and put their arms around each other and smile for the camera!  We were all like...."Well, we meant take a pic of the mother's with the bride!!"  Haha, so blessed for in laws that get along, right?! :)


Love this one!

Erin passed out her bridesmaids gifts which she had packaged up in these cute Thirty-One monogramed bags!  Here's mine...

Inside was our wedding day jewelry - a gorgeous pearl necklace and bracelet, also some silver flip flops for the reception & a cute Lilly notepad and tervis for the MOHs.  Here's my cute flamingo cup!  I love it!  I've already been using it this week.

After the luncheon, we were off to our nail appointment!  A little pampering/glam session before the big day is pretty much mandatory :)

A bit blurry from my iPhone :)

Girlys getting their nails did!

After our nail appointment, we jetted to the rehearsal...of which I do not have any pics :(  Another bridesmaid took a bunch on her phone and I could've sworn she put them on Facebook, but I can't find them.

After the rehearsal, we shot over to our hotel because we only had an hour to get ready for the Rehearsal Dinner - ahh!!  It was also held at The Inn!

All dolled up!

B & Scott (Best Man) in the same exact outfit ;)

I didn't snap too many pics of the rehearsal dinner, too busy enjoying the food, drink, and company!!  That company, I tell ya.  Erin & Ryan's family and friends are just such a good time!  The whole weekend just filled my heart - love all those peeps!

So in fact, after the dinner, everyone came out and we kept the party going!  We met out some friends who weren't at the dinner, too.  First stop - Big Al's, second stop - Hokie House :)

That is a large Oberon!

Ash & Lyndsey

My girls - Andrea, Hunter, Yours Truly, Kelsey - and my creepster, photobombing
bro, Rob, in the background!  Haha 

A Bride Sandwich!  B, E, & J

Hunter, Andrea, and Me


Gale, Moi, & Kelsey

Of course, in proper fashion, we stayed out too late and probably had 1 or 3 more drinks than we should have - considering what the next day was!  But that's ok, it was well worth it for all the fun we had :)

Thank goodness the wedding wasn't until 7pm the next day - plenty of time to sleep it off and enjoy the day!!  This post is getting quite picture heavy, so I'll be back for part II - The Wedding Day!

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