I like it hot!

My food that is!  What were you thinking? ;)

I used to be super picky!  Like way, super picky.  Just ask my momma...she'd let me eat bowl after bowl of cereal for 2 or so meals a day sometimes so I'd actually eat!  And it wasn't for her lack of trying, I was just stubborn and picky.  

And I'm still kinda picky...but I've come a long, long way!!  I've branched way out in my older age and now I have quite a taste for all things spicy & hot ;)

Last week during my meal planning and domestic goddess-ness, I ran across this recipe on Pinterest.

Yum!! via A Small Snippet Blog

Now, Brandon & I love some Thai food - and the spicier the better!  Our favorite local Thai place is Basil (which I've mentioned before), but every attempt I've ever made to make good Thai for us at home has failed miserably.  Until now!

This recipe was banging, y'all!!  I do not tell a lie!  This blog recommends serving it cold - but I served it hot & added chicken since my man likes some protein with his dinner!  But I made it again last night for Bachelorette Monday Night for Andrea & Emily - since Emily's a vegetarian, I left the meat out.  Still so good!!

There were leftovers from last night, too, so I'm excited to try it cold!

Below is the recipe card from the blog, of which I will soon be printing out to add to my recipe stash!

Just fyi - the recipe card doesn't mention the carrots so I accidentally left those out the first time I made it, and I didn't have any cilantro the first time either.

So for realz...go get these ingredients and make this recipe asap!

Also, if you have any ripe banana's laying around, Emily brought some "Healthy Chocolate Chunk Cookies" with no sugar or egg to our Bachelorette Monday Night & since they were healthy, we all ate 3 :)

via Kitchen Karate Blog

These were delish and so, so good, I'll be making these soon!

Happy spicy, sweet & "healthy" eating, y'all!

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