Yardwork Weekend

Well, our weekend was rather busy, but I can proudly say our front yard is well on it's way to looking about 10x better!!

Friday night after our workouts, B stopped by Lowe's to pick up our chore for the weekend.

And this was just the first load!  Hah, but Friday night was for relaxing!  I tried out a new recipe that night that 2 blog friends (Classic Annie & Dee's Adventures) had raved about: Skinny Taste's Cheesy Jalapeño Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken.  If 2 blog posts about this dish didn't convince you to try it, maybe a 3rd one will!  It was definitely a big hit in our house!!

I won't lie to ya....it was not an easy-quick-throw-together meal - it took some work!  But it was delish & I'll definitely make it again!  I made it with another Skinny Taste Recipe - Skinny Cilantro Lime Rice.  One of my fav recipes form this site!  This time I mixed in some corn & black beans with the rice - yum!

The rest of the night we hung out with our boys and watched some Dexter!  Yes I said boys...

We're keeping my bro & SIL's dog, Huckleberry, for the weekend while they're away camping at the beach!  Benson's not so sure about him - he's gotten closer and closer over the weekend.  But for the most part he watches him like a hawk & just meows these funny meows at him!!  Ha, but we like Huckleberry :)  He's so sweet & well behaved!

Saturday was D day.  We woke up and got our workout on, and then finally after lunch it was time to get to work!!  Here are some before pics...

Holy weeds right!?!?  I love the beds and the way they look, but good gracious, they had been left untended just a little too long.

We had high hopes to complete the front and back yard, but we were naive!  Ha, yard work is killer and not for the faint of heart!  By about quarter to 5 Saturday, we called it quits. Our backs were breaking, all the pine needles we had had been spread, our fingers were tender from weed pickin' - we were donezo!  And it was date night :)


We went to dinner & a movie and in between, this happened...

Frozen vanilla yogurt with Reece's Peanut Butter Cup in a White Chocolate Dipped
Sprinkle Rolled Cone


We earned it after all that yard work! :)  We saw the Avenger's and it was really good and actually pretty funny!  Robert Downy Jr's Iron Man is my favorite character.

Today, we were determined to finish weeding and Brandon bought 12 more bails of pine straw.  We finished weeding all the beds in the front, but haven't even touched the back. And our 12 more bails weren't quite enough either.  But here are some after pics of what is fully pine strawed up...

So much better right!?!  I'll post the after pics of the front yard beds next weekend after they're fully covered.  I have to say though, we feel pretty darn accomplished!  A neighbor stopped by to say the yard looks the best it's ever looked!!  He saw us working both days and said we were doing a fantastic job :)  Feels good!

We somehow managed a run today after all of that, & also got caught in the rain.  That always makes for a good time!  Other than that, we've been lazy today!  Just a little laundry & the grocery store and a lotta couch and TV.

Hope y'all had a good weekend & mother's day!  Sadly, we couldn't be with either of our Mothers today :( but we're sure thankful for them!!  Without them, we would surely be nothing!!!  So thank you Mom & Joan (MIL) - love you both tons!!

I'm down to 18 days of school left...just in case you were wondering :)  I think I can...


Ashley said...

That looks so great! Y'all busted your tails to get that done! I need to see it in person again. :)

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! Low-key but a lot of hard work weekend!!
That ice cream looks delish and glad you tried the recipe!

Chic Runner said...

It looks awesome! :) Great work!