It's Friday y'all!!!

Can it get any better than an 80 degree, sun shining Friday!?!

Actually it can...a Friday headed into a long 3 day weekend!!!  Which also has perfect, 80 degree, sun shining weather in the forecast!  I think that's the pool I hear calling!?

How cute is this little American flag on our mailbox!  Please excuse the bird poop ;) I guess someone from our homeowner's association placed them on every one's mail box in the neighborhood for Memorial Day - I love it!!

Meet my new cilantro plant :)  I'm a big fan of cilantro, but I'm not a big fan of throwing nasty, gone bad, store bought cilantro away!  I figured the best way to remedy this was to buy my own plant, so here's to hoping I can keep this guy alive {thus why it was bought already growing}!  

If I'm successful, I might just have to have my own herb garden :)

The other day I got this lovely battle wound on my run :(  The crazy storms from Tuesday night left a large mud spot on the greenway - so on the way back through the mud, Andrea and I tried to climb around on the rocks.  She was successful, I...was not!

There's a lovely shade of bluish-purple coming in and a nice size goose egg, but it's kind of funny now.  I think my pride has already healed and it's just preparing me for the Spartan Race next year - gotta buck up!!

This weekend you can find us by the pool or the grill enjoying this gorgeous weather with friends...Happy Memorial Day Weekend friends!!


Dee Stephens said...

OUCH!! I haven't been on the greenway by Freedom in a while since we moved farther South but my friend said there are tons of snakes??!! NO THANKS!!!

Annie said...

So glad you were alright.

Presch flag! My Mom brought me some down from MD a few years back and I love putting them in my planter boxes. They are super cheap from the dollar store but they are festive!

Michelle Shuck said...

Oh gosh, I hope to never encounter a snake!! I guess I would surely run faster though, ha! We were running on the 4 mile greenway from Johnston to Trader Joes off Rea this time - I've been frequenting there since becoming a suburbanite :) Have you been to that one? You should try it out!

LJE said...

I love your blog! Im your newest follower!