What I'm Loving Wendesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

It's been a good week so far and I just love Wednesdays....over the hump & that much closer to my man coming home on Thursday and the weekend just around the corner!

I'm really loving our new pillows!

We picked these up over the weekend at World Market with a gift card we had from Christmas!  We'd been saving that sucker for a sweet purchase for our home and I'm very pleased with what we got!  Love the colors...I want to incorporate the greens, yellows, browns, greys, and blues into whatever chair we eventually get for our living room!

This week I'm also loving Monday!  Ok not really Monday...more like Monday night...


Monday night is now Bachelorette Monday!  Emily Maynard is this season's bachelorette and it was filmed in my beloved hometown, Charlotte!!  Emily lives here in the Queen City and for the first time the show moved filming for the bachelor/bachelorette.  

My friend Andrea came over & she I watched the first episode while making and enjoying homemade Banana Bread, some spinach artichoke kale dip and salad for dinner!  Yum!!  Girls nights now every Bachelorette Monday!!

After our yardwork this past weekend, I figured out I'm not allergic to poison ivy - and this is fantastic!!!  

A few of the ginormous weeds we pulled out of our flower beds were poison ivy.  I've never had poison ivy so I didn't really even know if I was allergic, but my brother is highly allergic so I was kinda worried.  I wore gloves, but it still touched my arms and my gloves definitely brushed my face a time or two - I was sure I was going to be swollen and itchy almost immediately.  Gladly, there has been so swelling or itching to date.  Phew!!

I've pretty much been a domestic goddess this week - between sweeping and mopping the upstairs & downstairs floors yesterday and today, doing some laundry, unloading the dishwasher, meal planning for the weekend.... yeah I'm awesome!  And exhausted, just call me Cinderella :)  I'm trying a new recipe tomorrow, so if it's a keeper, I'll share soon!

As part of my domestic divaness, I also started taping the kitchen!

Cause we're painting this weekend!!  The winning color is....the second color from the top....

...City Chic!!  It's kind of a grey, mocha, khaki color and I think it will look great with our granite!  I'm super excited to get the painting over with see the finished product!  Pictures to come next week :)

What I'm really loving....my bed and the fact that I'm about to go to sleep :)  Testing at school this week is wearing me out!  Down to 15 days!!!!!

Happy Hump Day y'all!!


Missy Ann Rinfret said...

Love the pillows! So cute! I'm obsessed with the bachelorette. Emily is too cute! New follower :)

Sarah said...

HURRAY for the bachelorette - so much fun! And yay for no poison ivy :)