So last night, I had my first house blunder.  After my workout, I planned to tackle a few tasks around the house including taking two rubbermaid Christmas containers from the garage to the bonus room attic space.  One was rather heavy, so a nice little real world task to top off my workout, right!?

I went out to the garage to get the containers and didn't want Benson running out to hide under my car...so I closed the door behind me.

Bad.  Bad, bad, bad!!  Brandon and I have already had the conversation about the lock on our garage door.  It's just a twist lock, not a deadbolt.  If it happened to be twisted locked and you didn't know or had forgotten and were to walk out and shut the garage door behind you....well, you'd be locked out!!!

So when I closed the door behind me, I was locked out!!!!

I no sooner took a step before realizing the huge blunder I just committed.  {Begin the freaking out and small panic attack.}

Oh holy crap I'm locked out!  Oh, no, no, no, no, I did not just do this!!  Ohhh my gosh... {cue inappropriate words that I shall not type out & the tears!}

My keys, my phone, my car keys, my life... {overreact much!?} all locked inside.  What in the world am I going to do!?  I can't call anyone, drive anywhere..... {more bad words} ....I could walk to my friend Sharon's, but they'll surely thing I'm a moron.  Ok, I'm not walking to Sharon's.

In a moment of clarity I remembered I hadn't locked my car door - yes, I have old manual locks :) - so surely there was something in there I could use to break into my own house! Ah-ha!  An old, empty Starbucks gift card.  People use credit cards to break into doors all the time in the movies...

I can do this!!

Ok, I'll slide it in here and... Ughh, I can't do this, ahhhh why isn't it working?!?!  Ok, here's a paint can opener...can I wedge this in the...ok nope.

Cue even more bad words - it was plain naughty - oh, and more tears!

Ok, I could go ask the neighbors if they have a key to my house.  You know, neighbors share keys and things so the old owners might have shared a key.  But then, the neighbors might think who's this little brunette with red eyes who owns a house!?  Clearly she shouldn't be a home owner!!  Ok scratch that.

Let's try this gift card again - which now has bent edges - maybe I can just jam it....or ok, no, let's try this paint can opener again.... {beep!@%$^&(@*$&*#@}

Well, I guess I'm walking to Sharon's.

I high tailed it to my friend Sharon's house - she's the speech pathologist at my school and has become a sweet friend and thankfully lives probably less than a mile away!  I could have tracked the distance if I had had my phone!!

I was walking up to Sharon's house when her son pulled into the driveway.  Sharon, nor her boyfriend Yani were home at the time, so thank the heavens and all that is good in the world that Scott pulled up when he did.  It was getting dark out, so here I was, in my sweaty gym clothes, tear stained cheeks, calling out "Scott?" from the street.

Oh good gracious, as I recount it, it's all kind of funny!  But it wasn't funny.  Not then!

Anyways, I told Scott my house fail - and tried not to cry in front of him - and he told me to hop on his white horse in his truck and he'd help me break in!

So of course, we pull in, he chooses his credit card of choice and 4.7 seconds later....wa-bam!!  My door is open and we have successfully broken into my house!  I promptly texted Sharon and told her her son was my hero and then called and cried to Brandon about how stupid I felt.  :)

Clearly, it could have been a lot worse....I could have been naked or in a towel or I could have locked a baby inside (a baby that I don't have, but you see what I mean!) or locked Benson & I out.  Phew!!  I really dodged a bullet & didn't even have to pay for a locksmith!

Which, could actually be concerning.  Apparently anyone, but myself, can break into my house!  Fantastic.  Thank you Lord we have an ADT System!  Looks like I need to invest in a hide-a-key as well.



Mimi to 3 said...

I have heard this story already, but am laughing and crying while reading this! HILARIOUS!! Glad it turned out well, but I agree, you need to hide a key!!

Dee Stephens said...

LOL! I did this once when I went for a run.
I had nothing but my IPod with me!
Our neighbor has a key but she's a bitch..and when I saw her she was on her phone and said.. 'Oh, my husband has it and he won't be home for another 3-hours.' And, then went on talking on her phone.
(we still need to get that key back from them).
So, I went to another neighbor's and called Brad who then told me about a hid-a-key I never knew about.

Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I'm sorry, but from this side it is funny. : ) I am so sorry you got locked out, but I bet you'll never forget to check that little turn knob again! Ha! And won't worry, I would have cried like a baby, too!