Aloha Lake Weekend

This past weekend, we were Virginia bound for a Wedding Luau for my cousin Erin & her fiancé Ryan!  I left as soon as the kids did Friday, our friend Andrea dropped off her cat with Bencakes for the weekend, and all 3 of us were off!

The traffic was minimal & after a stop at Sheetz (our first experience!) and a few radio jam sessions later, we were there!  My aunt greeted us with a cold refreshing Mich Ultra - the perfect welcome to the lake!  Yum!

We had a few drinks & then all went out on my aunt & uncle's friends' pontoon boat.  Good times ensued, including, but not limited to - a short downpour, running out of gas, paddling back to the dock, refueling, backflips into the lake, mucho laughter & grande fun :)

My aunt & uncle's lake house is probably one of my favorite places in the world & Friday night is exactly why!!  Of course I didn't take a single pic - too much fun was being had :)

Life doesn't get any better than this.

Saturday morning started with Snoopy & some Joe and then we all headed down to the lake!

The weather cooperated til about lunch time, but a little clouds didn't keep us inside.  We still hung out at the dock & got a boat ride in.


Drea & I

B & J tubing :)

Once we came in from the water, we visited my with my grandmother for a bit and then it was time to get luau ready!  The Luau was held at my aunt & uncle's friends Kristin & Alan's house.  They have an amazing water front all beached out and they had a fantastic luau set up!!

Richard & B luau ready!

My girlies at the Luau - Me, Kelsey, & Andrea

Me & my man!  Love this pic :)

Bros - Justin, Ryan & Brandon

Me, Andrea, & JM 

Andrea & Justin

A blurry pic of some of the group.  Had to include it, it's the only one I have with the
bride & groom! 

I was terrible about taking pics - didn't get one of my bro & SIL either!  Ughh

The weather hadn't cooperated most of the day & unfortunately, that rang true for party time as well :(  Just after we dug into the delish BBQ spread they had and stuffed out faces, the bottom fell out!  We all huddled in tents, ate dessert, complained about the rain, debated on calling it a night - and then the rain let up!!

And the dance party began.... :)

The Electric Slide Maybe?  Pardon the quality, but these are some of the best pics
all night!!

The Macarena!

We didn't let the rain ruin our fun...but we did call it a night shortly after the dance party ended!  We woke up, hung out a bit and then got back on the road to the QC.  The going home is never as much fun!

Sunday afternoon consisted of some cleaning for me and B mowed the yard.  Let me just say, this is the first time I've cleaned the house top to bottom and oh my sweet heavens - it is a task!!  Took me a good 2 hours to sweep, mop, and clean 2 bathrooms.  Whoa!  But all totally worth it - it's our house after all :)

We made a grocery run and then finally parked ourselves on the couch for some Dexter.  And before you know it, it was Monday!  

Man these weekends, they fly by I tell ya!!  

We're counting down the days to this coming weekend....we'll be home - B's super excited about this as in the 3 weeks we've lived here, he's only actually slept here for 8 nights!! - I see some Lowe's trips and some yard work in our plans this weekend....and I'm really looking forward to it!  I might just be growing a green thumb, but let's not speak too soon just yet ;)

Be blessed, y'all!

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Dee Stephens said...

Looks fun! Cute dress! What lake was this? Lake Gaston?